Amusing facts about Washington State

By Stef Zisovska
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Washington is America’s 42nd state, famous for its stunning scenery, outdoor activities, and a good coffee. The Evergreen State is abundant in lush greenery, endless farmlands, and an otherworldly shoreline. Everyone who has visited Washington knows about its beautiful national parks, fresh produce, and a good-quality wine.

Here are some interesting facts about the state that you would like to know:

  • Washington state is the only state in America named after a president. But, did you know that the capital of the state, Olympia, was named after the Olympic Mountains, which were named for the Greek Mount Olympus? This mountain range was given the name in 1788 by the explorer Jhon Meares.
  • However, John Meares wasn’t always giving “godly” names to its natural discoveries. For example, there is a cape in Washington state called Cape Disappointment, and the same name remains until today. For those of you who enjoy cloudy and foggy mornings, the cape won’t be a disappointment at all. This area is one of the most consistently overcast in the state, with an average of 106 days of fog per year. If you appreciate a mystic foggy ambiance, then you will surely love this part of the state.
Aerial view of Cape Disappointment. The view is to the northeast.
  • Believe it or not, 52 percent of the Washinton territory is covered in forests. The state’s flora includes some of the oldest trees in the country. If you are an outdoorsy person who’s looking for some extra excitement, Grove of the Patriarchs trail near Mount Rainier is the perfect place to visit if you want to see some thousand-year-old-plus trees.
  • Nowadays it seems like there is a Starbucks on every corner across the country and everywhere in the world, but back in the day, in 1971, the company started with only one store in Seattle’s Pike Place Market. The first stores outside of Washington were opened in 1987 in Chicago and Vancouver, Canada.
Starbucks Coffee in Pike Place Market, Seattle, Washington, USA – Author: Diego Delso – CC BY-SA 4.0
  • Washington also had its Wild West days in the town of Aberdeen, known as the roughest town west of the Mississippi River. Years ago, the town was known for gambling and violence, while now we know it only as the birthplace of Nirvana’s iconic frontman, Kurt Cobain.
  • Washington is one of the most popular movie-set states in the country.
The Pacific coast of Westport, Washington – Author: Joe Mabel – CC BY-SA 3.0
  • The Ring (2002), The Hunt For Red October (1990), and 10 Things I Hate About You (1999) are some of the famous movies that were shot here.
  • One of the greatest holiday in the country, Father’s Day, started in Washington in 1910. It was kind of a personal celebration that Sonora Smart Dodd from Spokane organized for her father who was a Civil War veteran and a single parent who had raised six children on his own. Since then, the father celebrations started spreading first across the state, and then all over the country.
  • More than 49 percent of the dishes in every restaurant menu in Washington are prawn dishes. It’s not like prawns are the favorite food of the people in this state, but their restaurants offer 40 percent more prawn than any other state in the United States.
  • Washington is home to one of the most beautiful national parks in the country, the Olympic National Park. The park is a favorite spot to a lot of outdoor adventurers who are seeking unspoiled nature, wild shoreline, and endless hiking trails through three different ecosystems.

If you have never visited Washington state, maybe this season is the right time. Here you can find something to do for each family member and make everyone happy. Respect and protect your environment anywhere you go, and good luck!

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