10 Reasons To Leave The City And Go In The Woods To Build A Cabin

By Tomi Stojanovic
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Photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mfoubister/32394211754/

If you are tired of city life, bored of the everyday grind, or you’re planning on going away but want to exchange the experience of an expensive, often distance, vacation with something more useful, cheaper and closer, why don’t you get in the woods and build yourself a cozy cabin with just a help of your friends.

Obviously, you’ll need to do some planning and make sure that your local laws allow it, or request the permits you need to build your little haven. It’s absolutely worth it as it’s a life changing experience that will give you an opportunity to bond with friends, learn new skills, and most important of all you`ll spend ten days in nature, surrounded by fresh air and green trees.

Here are ten reasons why you should leave the city life for ten days, find clear spot in a forest, and build a tiny, cozy, wooden cabin:

Bonding experience

If having close friends means that you have people to hang out with, to party, travel, and exchange experiences with, then having them with you in the woods for ten days, building a cabin from scratch will be a life changing and bonding experience bringing you a lot closer and making your relationship a lot stronger.

New skills

You will learn a lot of new skills that you would not even think of in the city. You will find a hammer is the most useful tool for doing many different things, from driving in and removing nails, knocking things into place, using chisels and wedges and lot of other things.

Folks, this is your chance to buy tools, how cool is that!!

Creativity boost

As well as building your dream backwoods cabin you will have a lot of time to experiment and to try new things, like painting on a piece of wood, build a temporally shed, write a poem, play silly games with your friends, just like you used to play when you were kids. You will have plenty of time to broaden your mind and free your spirit.

Different type of vacation

While it`s great to spend ten days on a beach, drinking cocktails, and relaxing, or going to museums and eating in restaurants, it’s just not the same as going on a trip where you will have a whole different, energizing experience and your perception of “vacation” will completely change.

You will have a great time, learn new skills, refresh, and all of this in a place no travel magazine has ever written about.

Get to know your body

If you spend few days working on a construction site, using a hammer and tools, carrying wood and materials you will get to know what it means to be exhausted. A few days of this and you will feel you have reached the limits of your own body, but you will be surprised what more you can do when you can push yourself. As the days go on you will sleep better and each day get up feeling energized and refreshed, ready to get stuck in again.

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