The best fishing tips for newbies

By Stef Zisovska
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Fishing is an extraordinary and fun sport, popular among all generations in the US. Some people like it because it’s extremely recreational, others want to spend some extra time close to nature or to meditate near a river or a lake.

If you’d like to try your hand at fishing but have no prior experience, don’t hesitate, just get out there and have a go. Still, there are some crucial things every fishing beginner needs to know before heading towards the river. If you want to catch yourself a tasty dinner and surprise your family, then you’d best learn some of the basic skills.


Before picking up a pole, make sure you have a general idea of what you are getting yourself into. There are plenty of fascinating fishing books that can get you closer to the fishing world before you even cast a line for the first time. Starting a new outdoor activity that you’re unfamiliar with can be made harder if you don’t prepare well.

Understand the basic procedures

Try to get some practice casting on soft ground before heading out to the water

After building up a general idea from books and the internet, it’s time to start with the practical part step by step. First, practice simple tasks such as adding fishing bait to a hook, casting your line, and tying knots. Of course, you can do it all at home before heading off for real.

Buy the right equipment

Get the right equipment

Every beginner should get a specific rod and reel that make it simpler for someone who’s just starting. Open-faced fishing reels are not good for newbies who still don’t know what they’re doing.

The bait is the key

Learn all about the fish you want to catch and what kind of bait attracts them. For example, catfish like worms, special-made baits, or even chicken liver. Bream on the other hand, they like crickets, while trout go for minnows, salmon eggs, and nightcrawlers. The wrong bait often means a long and fruitless fishing day.


A good location is really important

Find out where the fish you want to catch live. For a great day’s fishing, you need to be sure you’re at the right place.

Check the weather

Overcast weather is known to be the best time for fishing. Of course, under different weather conditions you can have a good catch too, but when it’s cloudy you’ll often be more successful.

Dress up for the occasion

Fly fishermen using chest waders to stay dry

As you’re going to be near the water all the time, or even getting in it, you must have boots. Depending on how long you’re planning to stay out in the wild, you need to make sure your feet are kept dry. You’ll feel more comfortable entering a river when confident you can keep the water out. Wear layers of clothing because the weather can change quickly.

Bring food

Don’t forget to bring a packed lunch for yourself since this is going to be your first fishing trip, it may take a while until you catch something.

Anti Insect Repellent 

Near any water body, there are always plenty of bugs and mosquitoes. Bring a bug spray to keep them all away and protect yourself from getting bitten. While waiting for the fish to bite, you need to be steady and calm, not moving around trying to get rid of some annoying mosquitoes.

Don’t bring small kids

Fishing with small kids is not always the best idea if you’re serious about catching something

Small children require a lot of attention and can’t be left alone. If you want to concentrate on your catch, go fishing alone. The first time is especially stressful, and it’s better for you to be on your own. Take your time, breathe deeply, and focus on the fish you want to bring home.

Now you know what you need to do to prepare yourself for your first fishing experience. Good luck and do your best! Patience is gold!

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