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By Stef Zisovska
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Grand Canyon rafters

It doesn’t matter if you are visiting or you live in Arizona, everybody agrees that this is one of the most beautiful states in the US. With its desert gardens, red rocks, sparkling lakes and mild climate Arizona attracts people from all over the country, heck, from all over the world.

This state is a perfect place for adventure seekers of all kinds and for people who simply enjoy spending their time surrounded by amazingly beautiful landscapes. Arizona is a place full of natural wonders, unique adventure opportunities and a long unique history.


Monument Valley Photo Credit

As home to big canyons, Arizona, is a magnificent land where anybody who likes extreme sports can make this the place where dreams come true.


Havasu Canyon Trail

One of the most stunning nature wonders in the States are the five waterfalls of Havasu Canyon. You can hike or ride a horse up there, or even hire a helicopter to reach the falls. Whichever way you choose will lead you to the breathtaking green and blue waters. This area is home to the Havasupai, a tribe who have protected the waterfalls and the surrounding area for more than 800 years.


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Verde Hot Springs
Back in the 60’s Verde Hot Springs were part of a hotel carved into a mountain side with a view of Verde River. The hotel burned to the ground in an accidental fire and the only thing left are the two hot-water pools. The larger pool is outdoors and the smaller inside a now roofless building.

Whitewater rafting through the Grand Canyon

The mighty Colorado River has been carving the canyon with its powerful water flow for the last five million years. Without a doubt, rafting this majestic river is the best way to experience the Grand Canyon.


Colorado River

Salt River

Floating the Salt River is a chillout and relax activity that you can find just half an hour away from Phoenix. There are not any rapids on this river, but still, it’s a cool thing to do for people who just want to take it easy for few hours outside the city.

Chiricahua National Monument

This monument is a real wonderland of volcanic rocks, it’s a great place to visitors with its incredible natural beauty. Huge rocks balance on top of each other, defying the laws of physics.

This is where Native American warrior Geronimo and other Apache were hiding from the invading US army. It’s also a perfect birdwatching point where you can watch bald eagles circling.


Chiricahua balanced rock Photo Credit

Hot-air balloon tours

One of the best ways to observe all the beautiful landscapes is from the elevated position of a hot-air balloon; this unique perspective really helps you to appreciate just how awesome Arizona is.  If you take the balloon option, we recommend you do it early in the morning so you can watch one of the most amazing sunrises on Earth.


Hot-air balloon

Off – roading in Sedona

The best way to observe the red rocks in Sedona is off road in a 4×4, you can hire a jeep or even a Hummer with an experienced guide who can show you all the secrets hidden in the gorgeous rocks.


Sedona Photo Credit


If the hot-air balloon is not thrilling enough, you can try skydiving above Phoenix or Tucson. Thanks to the warm weather the sky above Arizona are always clear which makes it perfect for air-sport lovers.



There are plenty of incredibly cool things you can do in Arizona. This amazing land is always welcoming, and there’s always an adventure to be found here.

Get your maps out and turn the computer on, it’s time to start planning your trip to Arizona.


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