Dog-friendly beach tips for this summer

By Stef Zisovska
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Summer is here, and our dogs know it! It’s the time of the year when we all want to leave everything behind, take off to the nearest stretch of sand by the water, and relax. But when we go, there is no way to leave our fluffy friends back home and walk the beaches alone. Therefore, it’s necessary to make a good strategy on how and where to take our dogs this summer. You must admit that a beach vacation without your dog is not going to be the same, so check out the following dog-friendly tips on how to take your pal to the beach this summer.

Search for a dog-friendly beach

Dogs playing on the beach

Not all the beaches in the world allow pets, so make sure that you do prior research on this one. When you find the dog beach you like, check on its site if it is open for pets the entire year or just at certain times. Another important thing to check before you go is if the beach authorities require a leash for your dog or it can run around freely. Next thing to research is the size of the waves. If you have a young pet that has never left your apartment, you better take it to a beach with gentle waves. As a dog owner, you must always travel with a pet first-aid kit, in case there is no vet anywhere near the beach.

Make sure your dog likes water

Many dogs are actually afraid of the water

Before you take your furry friend to the beach, make sure it likes water. Take your dog for a walk in a park that has ponds and see how it reacts. Or even better, if you are a hiker, take your pet to the nearest forest that has a river, stream or a lake and make sure that it doesn’t get panic attacks around the water. It would be much easier for you to enjoy a beach vacation with a dog that likes to swim and play in the waves with you. Usually, all dogs like to splash around in the sea, but you better check this beforehand.

Have a ball

Dogs love playing with a ball, and the bach is a perfect place for that

The beach is a perfect place to play with your dog, so bring a ball and a lot of floating toys that fit your pet’s jaw. Don’t forget to buy toys in bright colors so the dog can spot them easily in the water or in the sand. Playing a fetch game on the beach is an ultimate fun experience.

Hairless dogs need sunscreen

Just like us, dogs skin need protection

Hairless dog’s skin requires some sunscreen and more shade than the fluffy dogs. Basically, every dog in the world needs to have a break after a while and take a rest in a shade. Always provide fresh water because your pet needs huge amounts after playing. Just like humans, dogs also can get a heart stroke, so cool water helps with their temperature regulation and fights against the extremely hot weather. Choose a beach with trees if possible. If your dog gets tired, you need to go home, no matter if you were at the beach only one hour.

The sunsets are the best!

Enjoying the beach

If you want an extended beach stay, then take your dog early in the morning or around sunset, so it won’t suffer from the heat. These times of the day are the best for you, too, so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem to run around with fluffy and have fun when the sun is not beaming.

The cleaning part

After a day at the beach with your fluffy companion, the last thing you need is a messy car. Bring plastic bags to pick up your dog’s poop from the sand. It’s not fair to the other beach visitors to leave a mess behind you. If there are outdoor beach showers or at least a hose, rinse your dog (and yourself) from all the sand. Then, make sure you have big towels to dry fluffy and place a dry towel on the car seat so it doesn’t become wet and sandy. Another effective cleaning method after showering and drying your dog is to clean it with wet wipes and take out the rest of the sand from its fur and paws. In the end, use the dog’s brush to make sure no dirt is left.

Clean your dog after every trip to the beach

Taking your dog to the beach is an extremely fun activity for the both of you. If you have a family with kids, it will be even better for all of them to play together. Don’t forget to take photos. Good luck!

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