Doomsday Preppers – Smart thinking or Doomsday Phobia

By Paul Pinkerton
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Doomsday Preppers — Conclusion

Becoming self-reliant is a good thing. Life is uncertain, and depending on any form of government to provide for a struggling population following an apocalyptic event is ignoring the realities of the situation. The better equipped and prepared any household is to face a situation of hardship is only being prudent.

The danger with Prepping is that it can become an obsession, and obsessive thinking can derail a person’s life. Not only that, it can negatively affect the lives of everyone in close contact with the obsessive person and is particularly damaging psychologically to children. Children are in danger of growing up with anxiety and becoming obsessed with doomsday preparation, which is unhealthy to put it mildly.

Defending one’s family, home and possessions is everyone’s right. The danger is paranoia. Once a person has built a personal fortress stocked with food and water, dare they leave it? Even for a short while? How far will the paranoid personality go to defend his or her possessions? Shoot unarmed women and children trespassing on their property? Assume that anyone approaching the front door is looking to take away their possessions and shoot to kill?


A doomsday phobia, like any phobia, can fill a person with morbid dread. There is a danger that the strongly-held belief or delusion (that doomsday is imminent) may sufficiently influence people so that they subconsciously desire it to happen, which in turn worsens the phobia.

Stockpiling water, fuel, food and seeds (to make a post-apocalyptic garden) brings with it a massive work-in-progress rotating food supplies and ensuring that seeds remain viable so they will germinate, keeping fuel supplies safely. What does one do with quantities of food that has long passed its shelf life?

How does one ensure that self-canned foods do not contain botulism toxins? Seeds take a long time to produce edible crops. There are many consideration in having a personal food store, the question being, is this what you want to do with your life?

Has the National Geographic series Doomsday Preppers sparked off a mass hysterical reaction? Well, according to published statistics, over 3 million people in the US alone have become Preppers. This could be a craze, a trendy fad, or it could be hysterical.

At the very least, it shows a lack of trust in any form of government by a country’s citizens. There is a thin red line of paranoia and fear running through each episode in the TV series. Paranoia that marauding armed gangs will seek out and attempt to loot Prepper homes. Fear that the Preppers will have to “bug-out” and flee from their strongholds leaving their precious stockpiles of food and water behind.


One thing must be clear by now to the unscrupulous elements of society — if you want to find food, water, fuel and weapons in a post-apocalyptic society simply find the home or shelter owned by a Prepper. After a short gun battle, you can have all the supplies you need and you didn’t have to invest any time, money or effort to get them. However well armed Preppers are they will be unable to withstand a sustained and determined attack by a superior force of equally well armed and hungry people. So is Prepping worth the effort? Only you can decide that!

Let’s hope that someone in the future will say, “My Great, Great, Great Great, Great, Great Grandfather was a Doomsday Prepper.”


sidebarThanks to James Mandeville for this article.  Jame is an ex-Army survival instructor and runs the popular survival website site Survival Expert.

He has many years experience in difficult terrain, notably the Amazon, the African bush and climbing in various mountain regions including the Drakensburg Mountains and the Andes.



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