Looking to Travel in 2017 – Do Not Travel To These Ten Countries

By Doug Williams
Publish Date:

Traveling is an extremely enjoyable pastime for many people.  It can be  a great way to escape from the stresses of everyday life to just relax and take in new sights.  While traveling can be a great thing to do either alone or with a group of friends, it is important that you investigate further when looking into where you are going to vacation.

Obviously, the world is a very vast place, and there are many, many different places that people can travel to. You should be aware of where you want to go and just what kind of trip you want – whether you want to be more active, or you want to relax more. Regardless of the type of trip that you take and where you decide you want to go, there are some places that should be avoided if you are planning a trip soon.

Sierra Leone is an African country that unfortunately was at the forefront of the list for places that were gravely affected by the Ebola epidemic in 2014. While some of the other countries that were on the watch list have been removed from travel advisory lists, unfortunately Sierra Leone is still on the United States Department of State’s watch list.


Even after the initial outbreak in 2014, new cases of Ebola came out in Sierra Leone in 2015. Ebola is extremely contagious and, as such, the United States has issued a warning against anyone traveling to Sierra Leone for any non-essential reason. In addition, not only is Ebola a serious disease present there, but there is no infrastructure in Sierra Leone to handle the medical disaster.


Bangladesh is another place that you should avoid going to for an upcoming vacation. In November 2015, Bangladesh was bombed by terrorists. The bombing occurred during a four day period when there appeared to be uprising violence around the globe from terrorist activity.

The sad thing is that the violence does not seem to be going away any time soon. It has been a tense there, and many visitors feel threatened as they have been attacked. There has also been political turmoil since the elections in 2014.

Kenya is another place where people are being advised not to travel to in upcoming months. In April of 2015, nearly one hundred and fifty people were killed when gunmen opened fire at a college in Nairobi. A terrorist group claimed responsibility.

Unfortunately, Kenya does face more and more threats from insurgent groups and terrorists. People do visit every year and have no issues, but it does appear there is increasing violence, and it is less and less safe for tourists to visit.


Somalia is sadly a completely failed state and has been in disarray and general anarchy since the 1990s. The country does not have a democratic government and many nations all over the world do not recognize it as a legitimate country.

There are many nations all over the world that do not have embassies in Somalia and therefore would not be able to offer assistance in the case of any sort of emergency. The country also has a weak government and a startlingly high pirate presence, so it is an extremely dangerous place to visit.

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