Looking to Travel in 2017 – Do Not Travel To These Ten Countries

By Doug Williams
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Venezuela is a rough place to go right now due to the high political tensions that have arisen between the supporters of Hugo Chavez and his successor Nicolas Maduro.  Both sides have had their own contribution to the violent crime that is occurring in Venezuela. The country currently has the highest homicide rates, and there are also many cases of express kidnapping, which is when victims are held for a few hours so that their loved ones will have to pay some money to rescue them or else they get killed.  There are also mass demonstrations and riots because people are discontent with the new political order.


Turkey can also be a dangerous place for some to visit. While it is not unheard of for people to visit Turkey without many problems, there has been increasing violence in the region lately. Many terrorist organizations have used Turkey as a target. There is also a good amount of political unrest throughout the country in recent years; the environment is just not stable enough for people to vacation.

Ukraine has some of its borders that are safe for tourists to travel, but there are other areas where you should definitely not visit. In 2013 there was civil unrest that broke out throughout the region. There was a lot of fighting between the state and rebels. There has been a limited amount of air space available since 2014. Ukraine is in a general state of unrest due to a multitude of problems that the region has been experiencing.


Yemen is an extremely dangerous place for visitors to travel because it has been on the verge of civil war for years and years now. There has been unrest and violence throughout the entire region. The United States even went so far as to close their embassy in Yemen and told Americans who lived in Yemen that they should evacuate the region as soon as possible.

Syria is yet another dangerous place for people to visit recently. There are many people who are from Syria who do not want to live there any longer and are actively trying to leave the country. It is highly dangerous for visitors in the nation as there is a lot of violence and kidnappings and a high threat level.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is another place that people should avoid visiting ever. While it is currently in a state of relative peace, it has a long history of not necessarily being the best place to be. The government is very susceptible to bribes, and the infrastructure is minimal. Diseases are also extremely prevalent there as well.

Traveling is certainly something that is very rewarding, but these places should be avoided for those who are traveling in the upcoming months.


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