Top 5 ways to make coffee outside

By Marion Fernandez
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When you are out on a camping, hiking, fishing trip, or any other adventure for that matter, you are still going to want to drink your daily cup of coffee. But, of course, you will find that making coffee in the wild does not come with the same options as making coffee in your kitchen. However, that does not mean that you have to or should go without.

There are many different options you can use to make coffee even without all of the conveniences of being at home. Don’t forget that you will also need whatever sweeteners you like to enjoy as well. Cold coffee creamer is not going to work, but there are powders, honey, and regular sweeteners that will be easy to take along. So here are some ways to still make your coffee no matter where you are.

1. One cup filter


Think of it as your one stop shop for having fresh coffee on the go.

This is an easy method where you boil water and pour it directly over the grounds and straight into your cup. This will give you a fresh cup of coffee in the simplest way. It is also a relatively simple task, needing only the filter to place on the cup and the coffee itself.

2. The coffee bag

Let’s take a look at one of the simplest ways that you can make coffee. The coffee bag is exactly like a tea bag. You just need to make some boiling hot water, by means of campfire, campfire stove, or even a jet pot, and then dunk the bag and let it steep. After a few minutes you will have a fresh cup of coffee. The cons for using this method is that the coffee has been packed for a while and therefore not exactly fresh. It’s also unlikely to be strong. They do not, however, take up much room in your bag.

3. Aeropress

AeroPress – Author: Nico Kaiser – CC BY 2.0

This is one of the easiest ways to make coffee on the go. Unfortunately, the Aeropress is clunky and not exactly lightweight. However, it really does make a good cup of coffee. It guarantees a clean cup of coffee with its stirring paddle, funnel, and the measuring units that make sure your ratio of coffee to water is perfect.

4. Cowboy coffee

If you think of a cowboy sat by a campfire, you are sure to think of cowboy coffee poured from a classic metal coffee pot that’s been sat brewing over the embers. Basically, the method used is you boil the grounds in the hot water and then slowly pour it out in order to not get the grounds in your mug itself. The coffee comes out rich and delicious and will definitely give you that old time feeling.

5. French press

You may need your grounds and hot water, but a French Press is the way to get your coffee if you’re not used to making coffee over a campfire.

There are a couple of different types of French press out there that you could use in the wild. You can go with a traditional French press or a more modern style, but either way you will wind up with a delicious dark cup of coffee. You will need to bring grounds or a grinder along with you and heat the water, but the result is going to be delicious.

The big thing to remember is you are going to have to clean up the coffee maker in order to pack it back out with you. Boiling water is obviously central to making any kind of coffee, so the means to do that will also need to be taken into consideration. Propane fuel is going to be the fastest way to boil water, but there’s always the campfire, too. Either way, you will get your coffee and your morning is going to start out just as refreshing as it is back at home.

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