Tips for taking your dog to the beach

By Stef Zisovska
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If you still haven’t been to the beach this summer and you’re planning to do it soon, you need to get ready, especially if you’re a dog owner. Our furry friends love to hang around in the sand, jump around and chase the waves. But before you take your fluffy fellow to the beach, you need to know some useful things that will help your dog stay safe and healthy and will save you from trouble.

You should be aware that what is harmful to you can harm your dog too. Sunburn, jellyfish, sharp sea shells and pieces of broken glass are some of the dangers that can affect your dog – and it’s your job to protect it.

Pick a beach where your dogs have the freedom to run off the leash

Paw protection

Protect your dogs paws on the hot sand or boardwalk

The sand at some beaches can get extremely hot, and you may not realize it because you’re wearing beach sandals. The one who does feels the heat but can’t say it out loud is your dog. The paw pads need the same protection as your skin does. Apply a sunscreen on your dog’s paws before hitting the beach.

Find out if your dog likes to swim

Take it slowly when introducing your dog to the water

If you’re taking your dog to the beach for the first time take it to a place where there are not too many people so your dog can explore the water in peace. Remember that not all dogs like or can swim. For some of them, it’s okay to just hang out at the shore. Be very cautious with currents if your dog does like swimming. Always keep an eye on your dog, especially at high tide.

A dog life vest

A dog life vest is a worthwhile investment for keeping your pooch safe in the ocean

This one sounds silly, but you should consider it if you have a dog that likes to spend hours playing in the water. You will feel better knowing that Rover is safe and can play as much as he wants.

Your dog needs shade

Don’t forget to bring along a shelter or sunshade if you plan to spend a few hours on the beach

If there are no trees around, then think about getting a beach tent that will provide shade for you and your dog. Just like us, our dogs need some shade to hide from the sun. If you like spending a whole day at the beach, then a beach tent is a necessary item for you and your dog.

Pack a lot of water in the cooler

After a good play in the salty seawater your dog will have worked up a thirst

Plenty of fresh water at the beach is essential for you and your dog. Drinking too much salt water can be harmful to your dog so make sure to keep it hydrated with fresh and cold water from the cooler.

Poop bags

Make sure you have have packed plenty of the essentials for your day out

Finding a dog poop in the sand while playing the hidden treasure game with your kids is not something you’ll be too happy about. Be a responsible dog owner and bring plenty of poop bags to collect your pet’s belongings. It’s not cool to pretend you didn’t see it and leave it behind. Clean up after yourself and your buddy.

Avoid hidden underwater dangers

Avoid places where lost or discarded fishing hooks or lines may be lurking

Avoid places where there are fishing boats because there might be fishing hooks, sharp sea shells or other objects that can harm your dog’s paws.

Rinse your dog after the beach trip

Your dog may not agree, but it will need a good wash after the beach

The sand and the salt can be bad for your dog’s skin. Use the outdoor shower or a hose to clean your dog before letting it inside. You can just rinse it or give it a shampoo bath if it has a sensitive skin.

Bring a lot of toys

You wouldn’t bring your kids to the beach without something to play with in the sand and the same goes for your four legged friend.

Taking a dog to a beach is the same as taking a 5 year old. It means – lots of toys! Frisbees and floating toys are perfect for dogs. Avoid tennis balls because they get sandy when wet and your dog may not like all that sand in its mouth.

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