A Guide on How to Make a Cardboard Burner

By Paul Pinkerton
Publish Date:

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Step 1: Things Your Going To Need

You will need the following items.


  • 20 X Tea Cake Candles (Approximately)
  • A Side Of A Large Corrugated Cardboard Box
  • Marker Pen
  • Pair Of Scissors
  • Pliers
  • Ruler
  • Tin To Build Your Burner Inside


  • An Apron Or Old Clothing
  • Safety Glasses

Step 2: Prepping

Now Empty Your Tin, With Mine I Emptied The Sweets Into A Bag For Later On. YUMMY

Step 3: Washing


Now due to having the remaining powder within the tin I washed both lid and tin and dried ready.

Step 4: Measuring

Now you want the cardboard to sit snug within the tin and not to high that the lid no longer fits.

Mine roughly measured 34mm in depth to the under lip.


Step 5: Measuring And Cutting



Now with the 34mm depth of the tin I cut my corrugated cardboard strips to also the same height and kept the full length.