Useful tips on what to pack for a sea voyage

By Stef Zisovska
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Traveling by sea is very exciting and interesting adventure, especially if you are not an experienced sailor.

What we see in the movies is not how it is in real life traveling on water. The most important thing when travel by sea is to enjoy the wind and the waves and hopefully all the animals you can see from the deck.



When packing for a sailing trip there’s no need to move your entire home onboard. Most of the things you think you’ll need are going to be useless out there. It is very hard to predict what is going to be necessary when you’re floating on a boat in the ocean, so people who have never done this kind of trip think they need to pack the whole wardrobe, five suitcases, and dog toys (the dog is of course optional).



It’s hard to imagine what it’s like cruising the oceans which is why there’s so many great memories and experiences to be had while you’re new to it and learning through mistakes and hard work, it’s at this stage you will pick up amazing memories.

Aside from the usual clothes that you need to pack for a sailing trip here are some extra tips on what can be very useful and make your sailor experience more enjoyable.

A good knife is a must have for every sailor. A handy knife that can be flipped open in quickly and locked in the open position is what you need to have with you. Be sure you are confident with your knife before starting your travels, the only way to do this is to use it and get to know it as a tool.



Hammocks are old school sleeping quarters on ships, if you’ve got the space, then A hammock is often a welcomed resting place on board. The hammock industry has evolved in the last years, so now there is a variety of different types and sizes.


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Seasickness is one of the worst feelings you will ever experience in your life. Ginger root is what you should have with you because it will help your stomach and Dramamine is a medication that will calm your sickness and help you sleep.



Don’t forget about miscellaneous items. Extra batteries for your phone and a portable charger can be your best friend in an emergency because electrical outlets may be limited.



Another thing you may want to learn before hitting your first water experience is tying knots. Apart from being very useful, making knots is a great brain exercise.


Vitamin supplements, exercise equipment, flexible shoes, a deck of cards, sweatshirts, toiletries, a notebook and a camera are all useful items to have with you.


Have a safe sailing trip and enjoy on board!


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