The best secret beaches of Florida

By Stef Zisovska
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The Sunshine State is the perfect place for people who dream of endless sandy beaches. If a beach vacation is what you want, then Florida is what you need. Fortunately, a beach vacation not always means a crowded spot with bars and restaurants where everybody goes. There are plenty of secluded beach destinations in Florida that are not popular among the majority of people but are still incredibly beautiful. If you are dreaming of a place like that, then you’re in the right place. Here’s a list of Florida’s best secret beaches that everyone should visit.

Delray Beach, South Florida

Delray Municipal Beach – Author: DBFLUS – CC BY-SA 4.0

Delray Beach is perfect for those who are searching for the beauties of South Florida without having to be a part of the posh and expensive lifestyle. The dunes in Delray have well preserved sandy beaches where you can enjoy your sunny vacation undisturbed. The town of Delray has its charm as well. With boutiques and European style sidewalk bistros on Atlantic Avenue, you will have the feeling that this is not just an ordinary beach town.

Sebastian Inlet, Space Coast

The mouth of the Sebastian Inlet showing the North Jetty on the left and the South Jetty on the right – Author: Leonard J. DeFrancisci – CC BY-SA 3.0

Sebastian Inlet is one of those places that have it all. In the past, the inlet was famous among the fishermen who were lured to the state park where they could catch snook, redfish, and mackerel. Nowadays, beach lovers are attracted to the 3-mile pristine oceanfront that doesn’t receive too many visitors. What you will find here for sure are surfers trying to catch the big waves, which means you will have the sandy beach to yourself.

Sebastian Inlet is not a typical vacation spot, so if you like to enjoy some moments of beach solitude, this is the perfect spot to do it. What you will find for sure are sea turtle nests, a variety of bird species, and even bottlenose dolphins in the turquoise waters.

Fort De Soto Park, West Florida

Sunset on North Beach at Fort De Soto Park – Author: Christopher Hollis – CC-BY 2.5

North Beach in Fort De Soto Park is the most popular, but not the only one in the area. There are plenty of empty spots where you can spend a day sunbathing without being disturbed. The park itself contains 900 acres of bike trails, nature walks, and beaches. Looking from atop the 105-year-old fort, the beach dunes below appear wild and untouched.

If you like swimming in warm and shallow waters, then Fort De Soto Park will be your next favorite beach destination. Just a short walk from the North Beach you can find a private piece of paradise just for you.

Pass-a-Grille Beach, West Florida

St. Pete Beach, Florida: Pass-a-Grille Historic District

Pass-a-Grille is a secret that the locals couldn’t keep to themselves. The beach is so beautiful that it will make you want to move here for the rest of your life. From Eighth Street to the tip of the peninsula, Pass-a-Grille beach is empty of people but full of white sandy stretches that look infinite. People who know about this beach keep returning each year and even rent the same hotel rooms or cottages. The place has a magnetism that simply never lets you go. If you are looking for a unique and beautiful beach spot for your next holiday, but you don’t want to travel abroad, now you know where to go. Some places can’t be described with words, you need to come and see.

Florida is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful coastal states not only in the US but also in the world. The variety of beach adventures here is limitless. Many of us are not aware what the Sunshine State has to offer and how many hidden treasures are waiting to be explored. Find your spot under the sun and have a nice beach holiday. Good luck!

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