Stay clean while bugging out in the wilderness – don’t forget to rotate those socks

By Stef Zisovska
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Stay clean

Wilderness hygiene is not only important to protect your fellow campers from your odor, but it’s also good for your health. Staying clean while on a camping trip means staying safe. If you get dirty, you’re very likely to get sick, attract insects and get some nasty rashes on your body.

So, to avoid all of that, be aware of your smell and do everything possible to keep your hygiene on a high level. There are no excuses for being the only stinky person among a group of friends and ruin everybody’s appetite by the campfire.

Dirty hiker
Enjoying the nature

If you care for yourself and the others, follow these tips about keeping yourself clean in the wilderness.

Always pack extra socks and underwear

Extra socks

It’s good to pack light, but you must find some extra place for socks and undies. If wearing the same shirt or pants for days is ok, your feet and groin must be in contact with clean materials. These parts sweat the most and are develop bacterias more easily than the rest of the body. So, you always need to have a clean pair of socks and underwear.

Rotate your socks

Socks rotating

Wet feet means fungal infection and blisters, and you don’t want any of these to happen to you. Your feet need to stay dry, so if your socks get wet, switch them with another pair and hang the wet ones to dry.

Sleep in clean clothes

A white cotton shirt good for sleeping

Make sure to have a clean pajama and never sleep in dirty clothes. The dirt will enter your sleeping bag, and that will give you a rash. A rash on the skin causes open wounds and infections, and you need to avoid that to happen.

Pack a shovel

A shovel

A small shovel is a must-have for any serious camper. You’ll need the shovel to dig a hole before going to the bathroom and then cover it with dirt. This way you’ll avoid contamination and bacteria around your campsite. Your bathroom area should 200 feet away from the camp.

Personal hygiene

Toilet paper

Avoid using pads because they create a lot of moisture that causes infections. Instead, use a menstrual cup and bring a lot of toilet paper. Make sure your panties are not synthetic.

Wash your hands

Washing hands

This one may sound simple and obvious, but the thing is people forget the basic hygiene rules when in the wilderness. You don’t want some gross fecal matter to get in your food and make you ill. Be responsible for your and the health of the people with you. If you don’t want to spend water, bring lots of hand sanitizer that will kill all bacteria.

Bathing in rivers and streams

A perfect place to have a bath

Rivers, streams or any other flowing water is perfect for taking a bath and cleaning your body. Avoid ponds and stagnant water bodies as they have lots of bacteria.

Bring dental floss

Clean teeth

Dental floss is a multi-purpose item you can use for fishing, sewing a torn shoe or a backpack and much more. But, the most important thing is to keep your teeth clean and don’t let your gums get swollen or infected. It hurts a lot, and it will stop you from eating. Keep your teeth clean!

Long nails can get you sick

Cut your nails

Long nails while in the woods mean a lot of dirt and bacteria. Be sure to file them with a rock or whatever object you can find. This way you’ll stop bacteria get into your food and get you sick. Keep your nails trimmed and short!

Stay clean

Hopefully, you’ll find these tips helpful for your next outdoor adventure. Make sure you take a good care of your body even when you’re out in the wild. So, stay clean, be safe, and have a great time exploring the nature.

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