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A mugshot of Pablo Escobar taken in 1976

Pablo Escobar’s Haunts Have Become Popular For Dark Tourism

Todd Neikirk

Dark Tourism, where people visit a place marked by tragedy, has become much more common over the years. And many people are particularly interested in…

Man standing among palm trees

These Eight Seldom Visited Tourist Spots Have a Lot to Offer

Todd Neikirk

The hottest tourist spots in the world tend to be overcrowded and expensive. As a result, people are always on the lookout for the next…

Man climbing a mountain

Eight Mountains to Climb If You’re Looking for a Safer Adventure

In 2018, over 800 people climbed Mount Everest. There are many more who would like to climb a mountain, but aren’t exactly ready for that…

Wild Assateague Island horses go for a swin

Want A Different Camping Experience? Try These Unique Offerings In The U.S.

Todd Neikirk

When you ask people what they think of camping, many people would have similar answers. There will be tents and water. Trails and rafting. Ghost…

A tourist takes a thermometer picture outside of Death Valley

Dangerous Travel Locations People Still Love To Visit

Todd Neikirk

When deciding on locations to visit, most opt for a fun place with good weather that is also very safe. There are those, however, that…

The abandoned Riverside Hospital on North Brother Island

These Locations Are Off-Limits From Visitors But You Can Get Pretty Close To Them

Todd Neikirk

Many countries and places rely on tourism as part of their economy. And they are happy to promote their most desirable locations. There are some…