Easy no-cook recipes for your next camping trip

Let’s be honest – cooking at a campsite can be fun and challenging, but a bit messy and time-consuming, too. And after a day full of exhausting outdoor activities few folk really want to cook a complicated meal. Cooking over a campfire is charming and amusing, but it takes a long time. After 6-7 hours of hiking, the last thing you want is to wait an hour or two more before you can eat dinner. Fortunately, not all meals need heat and long preparation, so you can save lots of time by eliminating the cooking part. Why complicate things when everything can be much simpler for you and your family? Here are some tasty no-cook recipes for each part of the day that will keep you happy on the trail.

No-cook recipes are the ideal end to a day of hiking
No-cook recipes are the ideal end to a day of hiking


You don’t need pots and pans for the no-cook recipes, but you do need some tools that will help you prepare your food. Make sure that in your improvised camp kitchen you have a can opener, a cutting board, utensils, tin foil, ice, cooler, and sealable bags.

Breakfast recipes

The main idea of hiking is getting up early and spending as much time as possible outside exploring the surroundings. Therefore you need a tasty, calorie-rich breakfast to keep you going until lunchtime. Here are some quick and delicious breakfast recipes that you can add to your camping skills list.

Cereal with milk and fruit:

Your favorite cereal, milk and any fruit you fancy. Camping favorites include banana, strawberry, papaya, and blueberry.

Cereal with fruits
Cereal with fruits

Peanut butter, strawberry, and banana sandwich:

Your morning activities will be a lot easier with the right portion of proteins, potassium, and carbohydrates that will boost your energy.

Peanut butter and strawberry
Peanut butter and strawberry

Breakfast salad: 

Getting all the necessary vegetables with the morning meal is another tasty option. Try a Mexican salad with avocado, greens, carrots, corn, and beans. If you want to boil eggs before the camping trip, they will make your breakfast salad even more nutritious.


If you are a person that spends most of the trip in action and on the trail, then you probably need to eat your lunch while hiking. Here are some tasty snacks that will give you all the necessary nutrients and keep your energy levels high.

Cold roll-ups:

Bring some tortillas, hummus, and your favorite cheese in the cooler. Before starting your hiking expedition, roll it all up and wrap it in tin foil. You will have a tasty lunch to go whenever you feel hunger on the trail.

Caprese sandwich filling
Caprese sandwich filling

Caprese sandwich:

Bring your favorite bread, mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and basil to make a delicious Caprese sandwich that will make your hike even more enjoyable than it otherwise would be.

Bean salad: 

Bean salad is an easy lunch solution loaded with protein. Add tomatoes, onions, and any spices you want to the beans and pack it in a plastic container or a zip-lock bag.

Tuna salad: 

It is the easiest salad to make, and you can eat it with crackers, bread, or by itself. It’s highly nutritious and lasts a long time.

Cheese and meat board
Cheese and meat board



Bring various types of artisan cheeses, grapes, crackers, and sliced meat. Serve it all on a cutting board and surprise your camping buddies.

Mexican dinner:

Make your campsite guacamole and serve it with chips, bread or crackers. Cheddar cheese is a perfect companion to go with the avocado based dish, and everybody will be pleased with this tasty dinner.

Get creative with easy to eat wraps
Get creative with easy to eat wraps

Roast beef wrap: 

Wrap roast beef with hummus, lettuce, onion, tomato, garlic sauce, and cheese. Be sure to put a lot of veggies to make it a plentiful dinner.

Now you know how to keep your stomach happy while in the woods, without using pots and pans. Bon Appetit!

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