Ultra-cheap travel tips for adventurers

Stef Zisovska

Traveling around the world, across continents or countries is a dream for many people. What many people consider to be the main obstacle when it comes to traveling is the lack of money. We always think that there is no way realistic to travel cheaply, and especially not when traveling overseas. The truth is that cheap journeys are more than possible and there are plenty of hacks that allow you to make them a reality. Don’t worry if your bank account is not limitless and you need to calculate everything ahead. What you need most is a good plan and to do the research on the places you’re about to visit and everything will be fine and at a low cost.

Walk everywhere

Walk around
Walk around

The best way to be kind to your limited budget is to bring a good pair of walking shoes and move around by foot. Exploring a new environment without paying for taxis will not only mean you get to see the place from close up but you stay fit as well. If you’re not the walking type, then think about getting public transport.

Book a hostel

If your travel budget is limited and you’re tired of paying a fortune for hotel rooms, then start booking hostel rooms. It’s maybe not as comfy as home, but the number of people that you get to meet in a hostel dorm room is incomparable to any luxurious hotel. Plus, you can invest all the money you save on accommodation on extreme sports, excursions, and fun nights out.

Cook your food

Cook your food
Cook your food

Most of the time you’ll find the food in restaurants more expensive than cooking back home. Of course, this is not the case with all countries in the world, but in the majority of them, it is. Check what the locals eat and find out how they make it. Buying all the ingredients at the local market is going to be much cheaper in comparison to a pricey restaurant dinner. Make a weekly plan of all the meals you would like to have and then go shopping. Cooking is fun, healthy, and cheap. Also, if you stay at one place for more than few days, consider sharing the food expenses with some other guest. Sharing is caring, right?

Travel in low season

Think logically and see how much cheaper everything is in low season. Always visit a country when others don’t. Even if you’re planning a trip inside the States, don’t go to a place that’s crowded, expensive, and everybody else talks about. Do the same trip, but later or earlier than the crowd. It’s not only cheaper but more peaceful as well and with more chance you’ll experience the new destination as a local would and not so much like a tourist.

Fly on a weekday

Fly cheap
Fly cheap

When booking a flight, avoid weekends and holidays. Always choose days like Tuesday or Wednesday when booking a flight, except, of course, if it’s Thanksgiving or Christmas. You will be surprised by the price breakdowns during the week. That’s automatically extra money in your spending budget. Be wise and fly on weekdays.

Do your research

Always be prepared and know something about where you’re going by gathering as much info about the destination as you can. Where to shop, where to eat, how to move around, free-entrance days at museums, concerts, and historic locations. All of this information can be a great help to you in saving a couple of extra dollars. It’s good to be spontaneous when traveling, but a little bit of organization and prior research won’t harm you.

Visiting new places and traveling cheap is great and you should do it every time you can! Good luck!

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