Want A Different Camping Experience? Try These Unique Offerings In The U.S.

Todd Neikirk
(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)
(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

When you ask people what they think of camping, many people would have similar answers. There will be tents and water. Trails and rafting. Ghost stories and smores. But the reality is that camping can represent a number of different kinds of experiences. Here are some of the best available camping experiences in America today. These experiences offer immense beauty, adventure, a relaxing experience, and often a mixture of all of those things.

Bruneau Dunes State Park Observatory, Idaho Offers North Americans Largest Dunes

The dunes at Bruneau Dunes State Park are the largest in North America
The dunes at Bruneau Dunes State Park are the largest in North America (Photo by: Universal Education/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

This camping experience offers visitors two unique opportunities. First, the site features North America’s largest sand dune. Campers can climb up the dunes or even sled or sandboard down the tall peaks.

Bruneau Dunes also offers incredible views of the night sky. The site features the largest astronomical observatory in the state of Idaho. Campers can view planets, galaxies, and nebulas.

Falling Waters Nantahala, North Carolina Is An Adventurers Paradise With Yurts!

A rafter tackles the Nantahala River
A rafter tackles the Nantahala River (Image via anoldent/Flickr/Wikimedia Commons)

Falling Waters, on the Nantahala River, is the perfect place for campers who love fun on the water. The campground offers activities like fishing, rafting, and zipline canopy tours.

Another fun feature of the park is the yurts, which are available to rent. The domiciles feature queen-sized beds, private decks, and glass-domed ceilings so you can look up at the stars.

Assateague Island National Seashore, Maryland Features Wild Horse, And Beach Camping

Some people like to go to the beach for vacation. Others like to go out camping. Visitors to Assateague Island National Seashore don’t have to choose. The beach is located on the coast of the Virginia/Maryland border.

Activities for visitors include anything you might like to do in the ocean. There are also sand dunes and coastal bays. One of the coolest features of Assateague Island is the wild horses that roam freely along the area.

Conestoga Ranch, Utah Is Campaign With A Covered Wagon Twist

Conestoga Ranch in Utah is famous for its rentable covered wagons
Conestoga Ranch in Utah is famous for its rentable covered wagons (Photo courtesy of @conestogaranch)

Consestoga Ranch in Utah’s Bear Valley may not be the perfect place for people who enjoy normal camping. But for those who are looking for a more relaxing vacation, it could be a perfect fit.

The lakefront resort offers traditional camping activities like mountain biking and hiking. But if you never want to leave your room, you don’t have to. Particularly stunning are the available accommodations while including luxurious covered wagons.

Crater of Diamonds State Park, Arkansas Has Made Some Campers Rich!

A Crater of Diamonds visitor named Bobbie Oskarson holds an over 8 carat diamond she found on site.
A Crater of Diamonds visitor named Bobbie Oskarson holds an over 8 carat diamond she found on site (Photo by Matt Jonas/Digital First Media/Boulder Daily Camera via Getty Images)

The Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas offers many of the amenities that other campgrounds offer. People can park their RVs at the site located in Murfreesboro. There is also a large pool as well as hiking trails and enclosed pavilions.

But maybe more importantly, there are diamonds on the site. And if campers discover any of these diamonds, they get to keep them. Back in 1924, a visitor named W.O. Basham found a 40.23-carat diamond, the largest ever found in the United States.

El Cosmico, Marfa, Texas

A pink camping trailer located in El Cosmico in Marfa, Texas
A pink camping trailer located in El Cosmico in Marfa, Texas (Photo via Getty Images)

Marfa, Texas has developed from a railroad water stop into a tourist destination known for its historical architecture and minimalist art galleries. The small city with a population of around 1,700 is also the home to El Cosmico, a 36-acre campground.

The site is very artsy. Tourists can rent out teepees, trailers, tents, or yurts. The visitors have access to unbelievably stunning sunsets as well as a hammock grove and an outdoor stage. Campers can also rent bikes to take into downtown Marfa.

Treebones, Big Sur, California

The views are spectacular at Big Sur's Treebones resort
The views are spectacular at Big Sur’s Treebones resort (Image via Treebones Resort)

Big Sur in California offers some of the most amazing scenery in all of the United States. So it is no surprise that the area offers incredible camping opportunities. And the best of those experiences may be the Treebones resorts.

Treebones is another opportunity for glamping. The resort features top-of-the-line yurts with stunning ocean views. Visitors can also participate in activities like yoga and beach hikes and taste incredible cuisine. If the campers come at the right time of the year, they may even be able to see a whale.

Malaekahana Beach Campground, Hawaii

Malaekana Beach in Oahu is surprisingly cost effective
Malaekana Beach in Oahu is surprisingly cost-effective (Image via https://www.malaekahana.net/)

Vacationing in Hawaii can be incredibly expensive. Not only is it pricey to fly there, but the hotels on the island also aren’t exactly affordable. Camping can give visitors a more cost-effective way of enjoying paradise.

One of the best options is the Malaekahana Beach Campground in Oahu. Visitors can take part in activities such as hiking, paddle boarding, or surfing. Best of all is the price, with some campers getting on the grounds for less than $10.00 a night.


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