Amazing uses for paracord


Paracord is one of the most amazing and versatile survival products to be found on the market. This light weight nylon rope, first used in the US Army parachutes during the World War II.

Soldiers found many more uses for this item, in all kinds of survival situations. Since that time, paracord has been a part of camping and hiking gear around the globe.


Paracord Photo Credit
Paracord Photo Credit

People have found hundreds of different ways to use paracord on adventure trips, outdoor activities, and extreme sports. This simple item is a good friend of climbers, campers, hikers, bikers and mountaineers.


The engineers that developed paracord wanted to invent a light cord that could support lots of weight without stretching too much. Thanks to them today we have a priceless item that accompanies us on many an adventure in the great outdoors and around the world.

Paracord is available in length 50 to 1000 feet and in a variety of colors and patterns. Many outdoor sports enthusiasts purchase quantities of paracord and even survival bracelets that can be unrevealed when needed. Standard paracord is called 550 which means it can hold up to 550 pounds and there are also other strengths it can be purchased in.


Paracord Photo Credit
Paracord Photo Credit

Here are some cool tips on how to use a paracord.

1.Why bother to use shoe laces when you can replace them with the internal strands of a paracord that way you’ll have with you everywhere you go.

2. The internal strands are fine enough to be threaded into a needle to make the strongest sewing thread for emergency repairs.

3. Use paracord to secure a tarp between the trees.

4. You can make a great fishing line from the inner strands.

5. Use it to make a hammock.

6. Tie items together for easier transport.


Paracord Knot Photo Credit
Paracord Knot Photo Credit

7. Tie people together on a trail so that they keep together if it’s foggy say.

8. Paracord mantle is a great fire starter.

9. If you are someone that always loses the gloves on the trail, paracord can help here. Tie one glove to each end of it and loop it through the inside of your jacket. This way they will stay with you all the time.

10. Hang tools from your belt or around your neck.

11. Lower yourself or someone else from a height.

12. Securely tie down items to the top of a vehicle, or to protect them from a windstorm.

13. Emergency cordage for firelighting.

14. Emergency snow shoes.

15. For making snares and traps.

16. Holding your trousers up


Paracord Photo Credit
Paracord Photo Credit

These are just some of the top uses of paracord that can save the day when needed. Make sure you have it as handy as often as possible and travel safely into your next adventure. These uses listed here are just few of the many things you can do with paracord.


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