Tips from the lumberjacks for keeping your feet warm in cold winter weather

Keeping your feet warm in the winter is something that can be hard to achieve for a lot of people. As such, many people will avoid going outside because they fear they’ll be too cold or worse, become sick. Well, fret no more, because there is no reason to stay inside all winter, frightened of the cold weather. Here are some genius tips from lumberjacks, men who really know how to keep their feet feeling great, that you can use to keep your feet warm during the cold season.

Thick socks

Choose thermal or merino wool socks that are warm but not constrictive
Choose thermal or merino wool socks that are warm but not constrictive

Many times a person will want to wear thicker socks because they believe that the closer fitting material will help keep their feet warmer. Lumberjacks say that this is actually a big mistake. If thick socks cause enough pressure on a person’s foot, then they can cut down the blood circulation to a person’s toes, making the wearer colder instead of warmer.


Lumberjacks also suggest you avoid cotton clothing. Cotton gets wet fairly quickly, and if you’re doing something that gets you sweaty, then it can become an issue. Additionally, once cotton socks are wet, they are unable to keep in any warmth, which means you will most likely start to feel cold fairly quickly.

So you may be wondering what kind of socks you should be wearing. Well, lumberjacks have a suggestion for that too. They recommend getting merino wool socks as merino is simply the best material for keeping toes warm. The fabric will also keep a person from suffering itchy feet, and merino serves to keep you warmer without being so hot that feet get sweaty. The reason merino wool is suggested is that it has the ability to both repel and absorb water. In this way, it helps pull any sweat or moisture away from a person’s foot and skin, which is then released into the air and evaporates. This process is known as wicking.

Toe warmers

Another great thing that lumberjacks suggest is toe warmers. Toe warmers keep feet warmer without severely curtailing the amount of space available in a person’s shoes.

Liner socks

For people who tend to get cold often, something they can try is liner socks. Wearing these under a regular pair of socks creates a layering system that serves to keep feet and toes warmer.


Footbeds will provide extra insulation between your feet and the cold ground
Footbeds will provide extra insulation between your feet and the cold ground

Winter footbeds are inserts for the bottom of the shoe; they are like an extra sole that can help stave off the cold air from the outside.

Match with the boots

If going to go out, you should also use a sock that’s compatible with the type of shoe that they’re wearing. People who wear winter boots should wear a thinner sock; those who have not invested in a winter boot and are just going to wear shoes should wear a thicker sock. Additionally, for those who still like to exercise in the winter and like to go running outside, there are special socks that help feet stay in good running condition and not get too cold or too sweaty.

Additional tips

One lumberjack tip for those who need to be a bit more dressed up in the winter time yet still want to stay warm is to wear thin hiking socks. These will not be too bulky but will still fit in most shoes that a person might wear. Lumberjacks even have tips on making sure that socks that have become wet will dry quicker. They take some pins with them and pin the wet socks to their backpack, or place the socks under a hand dryer, ready to be used again.

Dry socks means happy feet
Dry socks means happy feet

One of the most important things a person can have in cold weather is the right pair of socks for the shoes they are wearing and the activity they intend to do. Lumberjacks certainly have plenty of tips to keep in mind and use so that you can still get out and enjoy the outdoors without fear of becoming too cold, or worse, falling ill.

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