Entire UK Village For Sale, Yours for Just $1.5 Million

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Site of the old railway station. Ben Brooksbank CC BY-SA 2.0
Site of the old railway station. Ben Brooksbank CC BY-SA 2.0

Village for sale! In real estate circles there is a prevailing belief that location is everything; the best house in the world, in a questionable or sketchy or undesirable neighbourhood has little hope of selling for a premium price.

Even if it’s listed with a fire sale price tag, homes in poor locations can often take months, or even years, to find a willing buyer.

Getting property in a great location at the right price is almost unheard of these days. But there’s a spot in North Wales that just might fit the bill for home hunters interested in taking on a new adventure in a gorgeous setting.

And it’s not just one single home that’s available; it’s an entire village in the woodland of Aberllfenni, 16 houses in all. There is a mix of cottages and homes, some modest and some quite roomy and comfortable looking.

And if online reviews of the area are to be believed, the location is spectacular in its rustic beauty.

Credit: www.openstreetmap.org
Credit: www.openstreetmap.org

During the 1960s, it was a thriving community, built for the miners who worked for John Lloyd, a man and his family who owned and operated Inigo Jones Slate Works.

Although no extraction is done at the quarry anymore, it still does finishing, crushing and dressing of slate, and is one of the oldest quarries in Wales, dating back to the 16th century.

Perhaps that aspect of the sale will appeal to historically minded potential purchasers whose interest is piqued by the area’s ancient structures.

But whether it’s a historian or a nature lover or just someone looking to get away from the stress of city living, one thing is certain: getting a home (in this case, homes) in London for this price — one million pounds, approximately — would be impossible in London.

In fact, a million pounds buys almost nothing anymore in the U.K.’s capital city; a recent listing in the neighbourhood of Park Lane in London showed a one-bedroom apartment for sale at 1.5 million pounds.

Cottages at Aberllefenni. Hefin Richards CC BY-SA 2.0
Cottages at Aberllefenni. Hefin Richards CC BY-SA 2.0

And London hasn’t even made the list of top 10 most expensive cities in the world this year, which is published annually by the Economist Intelligence Survey.

That dubious honour, made public in March, 2019 (the most recent statistics available) goes to three cities, all of which tied as most expensive: Paris, France; Hong Kong, China, and Singapore, in Singapore.

Each of these places was measured on a list of criteria that included the cost of real estate per square foot, the price of transit and other day to day necessities, and food.

Those figures are then measured against New York City’s figures, which the Economist ranked number seven last March. Although 2020 figures won’t be fully available until the year closes out, according to news website CNBC, Osaka, Japan, is rapidly overtaking Paris in that three-way tie.

But the rugged allure of Wales, combined with the inexpensive housing, might make the village ideal for anyone with a little cash and a large family, or several families who want to pool their resources.

Since more and more folks work from home these days thanks to the Internet, living in a big city isn’t the job requirement it once was.

The village has been on the market since 2016, when it was first listed at 1.5 million pounds. But as few people expressed much interest, the price was dropped in an effort to tempt the budget minded out there looking for a lot of space in a quaint setting.

According to the real estate agent in charge of this unusual listing, Dafydd Hardy, “This recent price reduction only goes to increase the incredible return offered by this portfolio of properties,” he told the dailypost.com.

“The village of Aberllfenni is surrounded by beautiful countryside amidst the wooded slopes of the Dyfi Forest.” Spoken like a true salesman, one who is determined to get the best deal he can for this remarkable place.

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Which comes not only with a host of homes to choose from, but the opportunity to begin, perhaps, a whole new chapter in a rural setting.


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