Amazing benefits of solo travel

Stef Zisovska
Solo travel
Solo travel

There is nothing like discovering a new place by yourself without any help or support. More and more people are deciding to travel alone because it seems like it’s simpler and cheaper. Also, you don’t have to depend on anybody’s mood, food taste, physical condition or bedtime. Of course, it’s cool to travel with a bunch of friends and have wild parties, but what’s often even better is to be on your own, meet new people, and do whatever you want to do and when you want to do it. Going on a trip by yourself from time to time doesn’t mean that you are a selfish person, it’s just a way to get closer to your inner being.

Total flexibility

Solo travel
Solo travel

What can be better than deciding when you want to go to bed and don’t have to listen to anyone complaining about it? When you are alone, your plans and decisions affect you alone and you don’t have to consult a travel companion if you want to make changes in the day’s itinerary. If you don’t like the accommodation, you just change it. Feel too tired to go climbing tomorrow? Well, postpone it for the next day without feeling guilty that you’re disappointing your friend.

Your budget – your problem

It’s hard traveling with someone that has different priorities to yours. For example, if you are on your own you can plan how and where you spend your money without thinking if that fits the needs of the other person. You can go and have an expensive dinner or have a cheap snack at the local bar. Also, you won’t have to spend money on something you don’t want when you are alone. Less pressure is what we all want while traveling, right? When planning your finances make sure you bring a credit card that won’t charge extra fees for international withdraws.

Meet local people

Meet new people
Meet new people

If you’re not with a group of friends from back home, it’s more likely that you’ll get to make new friends abroad. Traveling solo doesn’t mean that you won’t talk to anyone for the whole trip. Meeting locals is easier when you are alone because people will approach you with more confidence and you will communicate more freely in a new language. When nobody that knows you hears what you’re saying, you won’t worry about being judged. Hanging out with locals that can show you the city is always better than walking around the streets with a map.

Increase your language skills

You will be surprised how quickly you’ll learn a new language when you travel alone. Without your friends and family around, there’ll be no one to make it easy for you or give you a chance to speak your mother tongue. There’ll be no option left but to start speaking the local language. The more you try, the faster you’ll adapt to the new environment. Solo travel helps you to pick up new words every day and start using them immediately in your everyday communication.

Boost your self-confidence and be with yourself

Enjoy being with yourself
Enjoy being with yourself

Solo travels help you to get out of your normal routine and habits and allow you to reconnect with yourself. In modern city life we often forget about who we really are and what our priorities are. Being away from home on your own will open your eyes, make you a stronger person, and challenge you in many different ways.

Don’t be afraid of buying a ticket just for yourself and visiting the places you always wanted to visit. Exploring the land of your dreams on your own can be a life-changing experience that will help you grow as a person.

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