Beach, Forest or or Backcountry? Our favorite National Park camp sites

Stef Zisovska

Sleeping under the stars in one of America’s stunning national parks is an adventure that you will never forget. No matter if you want to spend some time on the beach, in the backcountry, or at an isolated camping spot, you can find what you’re looking for in one of the parks across the country. Check this list out to see which place you like the most and start planning a trip.

Backcountry camping: Glacier National Park

View of the Glacier National Park
View of the Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is a favorite place for many backpackers from across the country, not only because of its remote camping sites but also because the park authorities publish a new guide each year. The park will provide you with simple campsites with a pit toilet and a place to cook. To experience the beauty of the alpine lakes and the mountains in the area, fill your backpack with plenty of food and water and spend at least a few days in these stunning surroundings.

Forest camping: Bryce Canyon National Park

Forest camping is one of the most preferred forms of the activity among the younger generations. If you have no idea where to go for an exciting forest trip or which park to choose, then think about the three unique forest sections in Bryce Canyon National Park. Though the park is most famous for its majestic rock formations known as hoodoos, it also contains forests of spruce, Ponderosa pines, and Pinyon pines.

Sunset Campground is the better of the two main campgrounds in the park because it’s close to the best hiking trails that start at Sunset Point.

Beach Camping: Assateague Island

Beach camping
Beach camping

The barrier island of Assateague belongs to Maryland and Virginia, but the camping activities are only available on the Maryland side of the island. If you prefer beach camping and sleeping on the sand, then this is the right choice for you. If you plan your trip in mid-summer, bring some extra mosquito repellent so you can sleep in peace. The campsites are barely a few feet away from the ocean, which allows you to swim at any time of day. Things you need to bring are firewood and long tent stakes to protect the tent from winds.

RV Camping: Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park is an RV paradise. Everybody that enjoys the comforts of home while on the road, can visit one of the ten RV campgrounds in Yosemite and experience a peaceful weekend. Upper, Lower and North Pines campgrounds offer decent campsites where you can unpack and settle for a while. The local scenery is spectacular, and there are plenty of hiking trails available where you can easily spend most of your time. At night, make a campfire and cook some delicious food, accompanied by a glass of warm cinnamon vine.

Isolated Camping: Voyageurs National Park

Camping on the shores of Voyageur National Park
Camping on the shores of Voyageur National Park

If you are looking for a remote campsite where there are no other people, then Voyageurs National Park is the place you must visit. The tricky thing here is that you need your own boat or kayak to reach the remote camping spots. As soon as you get there, though, you can choose the campsite you prefer. All of them have food lockers, a fire ring, and a picnic table where you can have a romantic dinner under the stars. There are more than 200 spots to choose from. Keep in mind that you need to bring loads of food and water because there is no shop anywhere near.

No matter what kind of camping trip is your favorite, you now know where to look for it. Don’t let anything or anyone stop you from having a great time in nature recharging your energy. Good luck!

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