The Top 5 Best Campgrounds In Kentucky

Nick Oetken
Cloudland Canyon, Georgia, USA autumn landscape at dusk.
Cloudland Canyon, Georgia, USA autumn landscape at dusk.

Every year, many people go on explorative camping trips, and one of the best states to camp is in the great state of Kentucky.

Some people are experts in the landscape of Kentucky camps. Others have never launched a tent in the forests of the Blue Grass state. If you are an experienced Kentucky camper or are merely looking for an excellent place to spend the camping weekend, visit these five campsites for a guaranteed fun time.

The five locations on the list are the Cumberland Gap National Historic Park Campground, Natural Bridge State Park Campground, Carter Caves State Park Campground, Koomer Ridge Campground, and Lake Malone State Park Campground.

Let’s check them out:

Natural Bridge State Park Campground

The Natural Bridge State Park is a 2,200-acre park surrounded by the Daniel Boone National Forest and is located near the Red River Gorge National Geological Area. At the Natural Bridge State Resort Park, you will surely experience a truly magnificent and serene natural environment where you can explore the beauty of the natural arches and the steep lines of sandstone cliffs.

The “Natural Bridge”, which is easily the greatest attribute of this park, has a magnificent arch. This arch, which is 65 feet high and 78 feet long, is one of Kentucky’s most famous natural sandstone arches.

Lovers Leap in Natural Bridge State Park, Kentucky.
Lovers Leap in Natural Bridge State Park, Kentucky.

From the top, visitors can see distant peaks and lush green valleys of what is commonly referred to as “the Kentucky Land of the Arches.” This country of geological wonders has an incredible diversity of animal and plant life and is a favorite with hikers and nature lovers. There are 22 miles of trails in this park, a 60-acre lake, two campsites, lodging, and restaurants.

Several other attractions in this park are available for the outdoor-oriented caravan that provides for boating, fishing, hiking, geological formations, canoe rentals and much more. For families with children, there are also some advanced services such as picnic areas, a swimming pool and a Nature Center.

Koomer Ridge Campground

The Koomer Ridge Campground is located in the geological area of ​​the Red River Gorge and has access to the Daniel Boone National Forest, the Natural Bridge State Park and the Clifty Wilderness. Koomer Ridge, like a camp, offers cabins, spaces for trailers or spaces to rent.

Outdoor activities located near Koomer Ridge include hiking, climbing, canoeing, and biking. Hundreds of campers especially love the campground because of its location and staff. There are four main trails in the area, including Cliff Trail (5 miles), Koomer Ridge Trail (2.75 miles), Silvermine Arch Trail (1.5 miles) and Hidden Arch Trail (1 mile).

Cumberland Gap National Historic Park Campground

The Cumberland Gap National Historic Park Campground is an excellent place to camp, and it helps you appreciate history. The spot has been used by all the first settlers in the region and was well known by the Native American population and the men who first hunted Kentucky.

The Cumberland Gap National Historic Park Campground has a lot of trails, some of which extend for many miles. One of these trails is the Tri-State Peak Trail.

The majestic Cumberland Falls in Kentucky.
The majestic Cumberland Falls in Kentucky.

At the top of the summit, you will see what remains of the battles of the Civil War to claim and recover this vital passage. The 85-mile trail parks offer scenic beauties that must be seen to be truly understood. Cascading waterfalls, lush forests, and views of the mountains are enough to attract anyone to the park.

Carter Caves State Park Campground

Carter Caves State Park Campground offers a variety of activities for a location. As the name suggests, there are caves to explore here, but there are also fishing, boating, golf, hiking, biking, and special events. The park offers spaces for camping in shops and trailers, as well as providing cabins and a shelter.

Carter Caves State Resort Park is home to more than 20 caverns that meander under its wooded hills. The adventure awaits you, above and below the ground: explore trails and caverns, play golf, practice canoeing and enjoy a weekend of outdoor fun at Carter Caves State Resort Park.

The cave tours are definitely worth it, as they have the ability to capture the minds and imagination of the campers, and Carter Caves Park does not disappoint a cave enthusiast.

Lake Malone State Park Campground

With only 388 acres, Lake Malone State Park qualifies as the park that is smallest in this list. However, its 788-acre lake and beautiful landscapes make up for its small size. Lake Malone is proud of its fantastic explorations through the forest and the breathtaking views of the sandstone cliffs along the shore.

If you enjoy fishing, there is nothing better than the stock of large-mouth bass, bluegill, crappie and channel cats from Lake Malone. Other activities around Lake Malone include hiking, boating, picnicking, biking, jet skis, canoeing, horseshoes, and volleyball. Lake Malone has beautiful and improved camping sites.

With these five campgrounds, you are on your way to enjoying a fantastic time in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.


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