Top 10 travel hacks

Tomi Stojanovic

To embark on an exploration of the unknown, seeking an adventure, experiencing new cultures and places is a pastime that most people love to do. Whether you travel alone, with your friends, or with your family, you always get the chance to get out of your normal environment.

But, apart from the benefits that traveling brings, there are many things that can ruin your travel experience and make it stressful. Luckily for you, there are many hacks that can make your trip fun, comfortable and more productive. So, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

From tech tips that will make you safe, to efficient ways to pack more stuff into your bag, these hacks will change the way you travel around the world. Here are ten useful tips and tricks for your next trip.


A good checklist will save you from forgetting an essential item.
A good checklist will save you from forgetting an essential item.

Before every trip, whether you travel for a few days or a few months, make sure you create a checklist. This tip will ensure you don’t forget anything, especially when you take longer trips and change your location often. When you pack your bags, note down every item you bring with you on the trip. That way you will have a list of your belongings each time you re-pack.

Vacuum pack

Since most of us travel using a carry-on luggage only, vacuum-pack bags are our best option to save space in small suitcases and bags. So, this will allow you to pack more clothes and have enough space for items you might want to buy on your trip. If you don’t have a vacuum-packing bag, make sure you roll your clothes instead of folding them.

Offline maps

Have an offline Map
Have an offline Map

Wherever you go, an offline map is a must-have source of information on your phone. Google Maps allows you to download offline maps easily, and you can also save specific destinations by typing “OK Maps” into the search bar. This app offers a lot of helpful information, showing many points of interest as well as shops, and restaurants. Maps help to make sure you never get lost in a foreign country.

Mini-travel essentials

To avoid the risk of having problems with the airport security, make sure you get a set of refillable travel-sized containers for your hygiene and beauty products. If you don’t have time to buy containers, you can make them with a straw and some sticky tape. Just fill the straw with any liquid and seal both sides with the tape.

Prepaid currency card

By using a prepaid currency card, you will avoid the stress of losing your wallet or getting your purse stolen. These cards are excellent for travelers and can be managed and topped up online. You can use them anywhere around the world with excellent exchange rates.

Don’t rent cars at airports

Unless it’s completely necessary, make sure you don’t use a rental service at the airports. The rate is often much higher than the one in the city, and many rental companies in the city already offer a free transfer from and to the airport.

Prepaid SIM card

SIM card
SIM card

The worst thing about traveling abroad is the expensive roaming charges on your mobile. So, a great way to avoid them is to buy a prepaid phone or SIM card in the country you are vacationing in. If you travel in Europe, there is some great news. From June 2017, data roaming throughout the EU is with no extra charge.

Frozen liquids

One the most frustrating rules enforced at airports is that you can’t take any liquid on the flight. But, with this travel hack, you will be able to take your favorite drink with you without falling foul of TSA rules. According to the US Homeland Security laws, you can take any liquid on the flight if it’s frozen and thus ceases to be a liquid.





An excellent space-saving tip is to bring an e-reader on your trip. You can store your favorite books in one place, and have a great way of spending your leisure time. Therefore, having this small device will allow you to read any book, anywhere you go, on the plane, in the restaurant, or on the beach.

Packing headphones and cables

Make sure you pack all of your cables and headphones in a spare glasses case. This tip is for those who want to bring all their tech with them. You will have a tangle-free bag, and a convenient way of reaching your headphones, chargers, and cables if you need them.

Hopefully, these tips will make your next trip a comfortable and relaxed experience. Make sure you get the best out of your travels and enjoy every moment of the time spent abroad.

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