20 Fun beach activities for you and your kids

Stef Zisovska

Summer is the favorite time of the year for all kids. No school, no homework, and the fun can start. Beach time can be great if you know how to make the best of it for you and your kids. If not, they can get bored quickly. So that’s why it’s good to prepare lots of fun beach activities that you will all enjoy.


When you get to relax after you’ve already prepared the snacks and put the sunscreen on, the last thing you need is a bored child that doesn’t know what to do and is crying to go home.

Adults and the kids have different beach habits, no matter if it’s a weekend or holiday by the sea. The kids use beach time to swim, run, and play around, while the parents prefer to relax, read and take it easy watching the world go by.



The kids need to stay active all the time while on the beach otherwise they tend to get bored. The sea and the sand are a new environment, very different from the classroom or playground back home, so there are plenty of new things to explore and plenty of oppertunity to have fun at the same time.

It is important that everybody is having a good time and can get the most from a beach day. Planning activities everyone can enjoy is important and will help create memories that last a lifetime. Try to make a plan for your next beach holiday so you have unforgettable memories.


Thinking about what can make your vacation fun and more exciting? Here you can find some interesting ideas about how can keep everyone occupied.


Kite Photo Credit
Kite Photo Credit
  • Spell words in the sand with stones, seashells and sea plants.
  • Collect flat stones to paint on them.
  • Fly a kite! What can be cooler than a flying a kite on the beach? Every kid will enjoy this activity. And it’s fun for the parents too.
  • Bury your kid’s feet and hands in the sand.



  • Build a sand city made of all the buildings familiar to the children, like the place where you live, the school, etc.
  • Build a sand city made of all the buildings familiar to the kid, like the place where you live, the school.
  • Go snorkeling. Kids love to wear a snorkel mask and observe the underwater world.
  • Make a copy of a snowman and call it sandman. At least your hands won’t be freezing.


  • Build a sand boat big enough for the kids to sit inside and pretend to navigate.
  • Make seashell jewelry. Find shells with holes and string them up.
  • Go horseback riding.
  • Without using plastic molds, try to make a whale sculpture.
  • Go boogie boarding. Make a competition about who will get furthest along the shore.


  • Body surf.
  • Take underwater photos.
  • Run down the beach.
  • Climb the lifeguard tower and enjoy the open sea view. Maybe you’ll see some whales jump.
  • Listen to the ocean by holding seashells at your ears.
  • Swim.
  • Play Frisbee.


These are some of the playful activities that you can do at the beach with your kids. Forget about all the stress and obligations and try to have as much fun as possible. Going to the beach and enjoy the sound of the waves is something that we all need. Relax and enjoy your holidays.


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