3 Reasons to post about your adventures

You should be sharing. You should be blogging, or Facebook posting, or Instagraming your adventures. Whether you are on an unending journey to see the world or are just a weekend warrior, you should be sharing.

You might say ‘that’s not really my thing’ or ‘I don’t really like to brag about what I do’. To which I say, all the more reason to share. We don’t do what we do because it’s comfortable. That’s not why we travel and hike and climb and run and do all these crazy things. We do it because it’s challenging, because it makes us grow, because it pushes our comfort zones.


So maybe it’s not you, maybe you don’t like to share, maybe you’re shy and a bad writer and don’t really have any good stories. Share anyways. You’d be surprised how much benefit can come of it. Here’s just three ways that posting about your adventures is good for you.

Make connections

Life’s not about what you know, it’s all about who you know. This is more true when traveling than any other time.



Meeting the right person can make the difference between hanging at a local dive bar or going to a mansion party with an infinity pool. You could stay in a Walmart parking lot tonight or crash on your buddies ranch by a river.

Making connections is the most important part to having an awesome and meaningful time on the road. Certainly, most of your networking will, and should, happen in person. But these days, social media can play a larger and larger role in route finding on the road.



Make a point of connecting with people online when you meet them. Follow them and express genuine interest in what they’re doing. They might know some things that you don’t.

And who knows, maybe months down the line, you’ll be passing through their hometown. There’s nothing cooler than meeting someone on the road and reconnecting later on down the line.

Inspire others

The world today can be pretty hard on the adventurous and open minded. You may be living your dream, or at least chasing it on weekends. However, not everyone is. By posting about your travels, you can be a positive influence in this world.


travel blogging sand footsteps


You might not feel like your adventures are worth following. Or you might be scared no one will follow you. That’s ok. Life isn’t about being popular and getting the most shares, it’s about fulfillment.

No matter how trivial your travels feel, there are people out there who envy them. There are people who want to learn to do what you do.


travel blogging feet view of lake


Big changes happen in little ways. You never know who might be reading your post or drawing inspiration from your passion. Share it.

Self reflect

This is the biggest one. For me, the process of self reflection is invaluable. It’s easy to live, but it’s much harder to learn. Life’s lessons don’t just happen to you; you have to find them and figure them out.



You don’t just grow, that’s not a process of time. It’s a process of thought and thorough self examination.

As you sit down to write a blog post about your last trip, you’ll realize things that didn’t strike you at first. You’ll think new thoughts and uncover feelings that were there all along.


travel blogging camera pad pencil writing


In the process of recalling what happened and writing it all down, you’ll also remember it better. Memories fade and flicker, it’s easy to just keep moving and let the past be the past. But what’s passed will eventually pass and you will have only the dimmest memory of what even happened.

You might not care what happened each day during your sophomore year in high school. However, you’ll want to remember your adventures and your travels.


And if you sit down and realize that you have nothing to write about or don’t like your story enough to write about it, that’s the most important lesson of all. Time to change. Don’t waste your life on things you don’t believe in.

If you don’t love it, then it’s not worth your time. Life’s short. You only get to do it once.


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We live in a beautiful world, get out there and enjoy it.

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