5 Easy outdoor activities for indoor people

Rebecca Hext


We all have that one friend that hates getting sweaty and despises the idea of walking uphill for two hours. Whether you or your best friend is the homebody of the group, take a look at these five ways to reap the benefits of the outdoors without having to put in tons physical effort!


Bluff Trails:

Want to get outside at your next family gathering instead of sitting in the living room? Suggest a bluff trail hike! If your family or friends don’t like hiking to the extent that you do, a bluff trail is a great compromise.

The combination of the flat terrain and ocean breeze make these hikes very manageable for all skill levels and ages. Many bluff trails also have options for children (and adults) to explore in tide pools at low tide, as well as great spots to stop and eat a snack.



Picnics are a great way to get outdoors, soak up some vitamin D, and breathe in the fresh air. You can hit up a local park with picnic benches if you are with a big group, or pack a blanket and search for a quieter area in the grass.

If you are looking for even more solitude, check out hikes in your town and see if any of them have areas to stray off trail within the first mile to set up a meal. You can keep it simple and pack a couple of oranges and PBJ’s, or you can go all out and bring some wine and cheese!


Bring a small charcoal grill down to the beach for your picnic
Bring a small charcoal grill down to the beach for your picnic

Whale Watching:

If you live near the ocean see if you can sign up for any whale watching tours. Whale watching is a great activity for young kids and older adults. Whether you are planning a romantic date, hanging out with your grandparents, or trying to teach your children the wonders of the ocean, whale watching is a perfect outdoor activity.

Many companies also offer deals for senior citizens and students, so be sure to check. Another (cheaper) option for whale watching is heading out to the nearest coastline with a snack and looking for yourself. It is easy to look online and see where the nearest locations for whale sightings in your area are, but make sure you bring binoculars if you are searching from shore!

Botanical Garden/ Conservancy:

With this year’s super bloom it seems that everyone and their mother is heading out to the mountains to check out the flowers!


If you don’t live near any of the blooming locations or don’t care to hike through the mountains to see them, see if your town has any local Botanical Gardens or Conservancies. This gives you the option of getting outdoors year around and the ability of not having to dedicate an entire day to flower observing if you have a busy schedule.


Botanical gardens are a great way to check out some nature without very much hassle
Botanical gardens are a great way to check out some nature without very much hassle

Fruit Picking:

This one will be seasonal in most locations, but that shouldn’t stop you from looking into it! Many cities have everything from apple to strawberry picking where you pay by the pound. This is a great Fall activity to get you outdoors and into the holiday spirit. Around the holidays, suggest getting fresh, local apples from an orchard to make the apple pie!


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