5 places swimmers must avoid at all costs

Doug Williams
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CC BY-SA 3.0

Swimming in clear blue waters and sunbathing on beaches has become synonymous with holidays however not all the beaches in the world meet the safety standards despite rigorous tourism campaign by the countries these are located in. Following is the list of some of the most notorious places that could deceive one for elegance but are in fact dangerous in many respects.

Mumbai – Featuring in almost all the Bollywood movies, Mumbai’s beaches may look elegant and highly cinematic through the expensive Bollywood lenses, the reality is far from it. Nearly all the sewage from the city ends up in the water that touches the shores of these beaches.

A number of local and independent surveys have concluded that unsafe levels of fecal bacteria and other harmful agents in the water make these beaches effectively not suitable for any sort of human activity. Lack of an adequate cleansing system on the beaches and out of date sanitation in many parts of the city means the situation is only going to get worse.

New Smyrna Beach – Famous with the surfers and holiday makers this busy beach in Volusia County in Florida has been dubbed the Shark Attack capital of the World for factual reasons. The beach’s shallow waters attract all kinds of small fish which in turn invite the giant predators namely the Bull Shark: the most notorious of all the Shark family.

It has been estimated that at any given time a surfer is no more than 3 metres away from the predator while surfing. In 2008, one-third of all the world’s shark attacks took place near the waters of Volusia County. During 2004-2013, the state of Florida recorded the shark attacks in the county far more than those recorded in Australia and South Africa combined.Shark attacks

Bubbly Creek – The river from hell, this part of the Chicago River is polluted absolutely beyond repair and contains in itself all kinds of pollutants possible. The apparently happy name of Bubbly Creek does not suit its character; it only describes the bubbles that often appear on the surface of this part of the rive as a result of decomposing body parts and animal carcasses.

A number of surveys had been conducted on this south fork of the south branch of Chicago river suggesting the irreparable damage that the dumping of meatpacking waste, manure, urine and various body parts has caused to the river.

The Strid/Stride – This treacherous part of the River Wharfe Yorkshire, England is so narrow that it almost invites a passer-by or a hiker to either jump a stride or try to walk through. However, this narrow end of Wharfe has the most powerful current and has the potential of literally sweep people off their feet, which it often does. Many who has ever stepped into the Stird has never come out of it alive.

Kipu Falls, Kauai- This exotic swimming location not only involves risking trespassing charges there is a possibility that you may not return from your adventurous journey alive. Kipu Falls is essentially on a private land and due to its immense popularity attracts swimming enthusiasts in big numbers since it started appearing in tourist guidebooks in the 90’s. The falls is essentially the water from a stream that falls and collects creating a pool of fresh water. Kipu Falls has been historically associated with a number of injuries and unexplained deaths, which unfortunately only adds to its mystery, inviting more and more enthusiasts for exploration.

The mysterious disappearances have given rise to a number of legends about the falls including the presence of a Mo’o: a reptilian creatures or a spirit that pulls people down at the bottom only never to return to the surface again alive. The authorities have advised the guidebooks’ publishers to not advertise the site as a tourist attraction; the area is now protected with fences, and anyone who will try to cross the fence will be charged with trespassing.



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