7 Tips To Improve Your Hike

Tomi Stojanovic

Going on a hiking trip is always excellent physical and mental exercise, especially when you explore new trails and discover new places. Breathing fresh air and being active for a couple of hours makes your body and mind healthier.

Even though the experience is usually fun and beautiful, there are few tricks with which you can improve you ordinary hike, and make it more memorable and extraordinary.


Here are few tips on how to enhance your ordinary hiking trip, and make it more fun.

1. Go solo


From my experience, I can tell you that going alone on a hiking trip is a really fun and fulfilling experience. When traveling alone, you manage to embrace nature more and for few hours be with your own thoughts, clearing every worry you had and forget about the world you left behind.

Hiking alone means that you take breaks whenever you want, hike at the pace you want, stop to take a photo wherever you want, it can be relaxing and fulfilling.

It is crucial though that you do not hike alone on unfamiliar and more dangerous trails, there’s a higher chance of getting lost, or injured and having someone with you is great for safety.

2. Take photos


Documenting the beauty of nature means that you’ll have permanent memories of the hiking trip you took. You don’t have to buy and carry expensive cameras, just use your phone’s camera, which should be enough for capturing beautiful landscapes and adventurous moments.

Don’t forget to post that beautiful photo you took from the hike on social media, and brag to you friends about what an awesome time you had.

3. Go with your dog


If you want to bond with your dog, then going on a hiking trip with him will make you understand why he is your best friend. Taking your Buddy on the trails will be fun for you and him. He will have the best time of its life, running around, breathing fresh air, and exploring the natural world.

But, before you go, make sure that your dog has the physical strength to handle a hike and make sure that you provide it with the right hiking equipment and that you plan your route well.

4. Go with a group


Yes, going with your best friends on a hiking trip is always fun and exciting. But, going on a hike with people you are not so much familiar with is an excellent way to be motivated and inspired. A group of new people will push you harder, longer, steeper, faster and will give you an excellent healthy challenge. Your usual hike will be taken to a next level.

5. Yoga Hike


Find the perfect spot on the sunny hill and soft grass, and take your body and mind to another dimension. Being surrounded by fresh air, green scenery, vast landscapes, and the magnificent sound of nature gives you a great opportunity to do some yoga.

You can find a local organized yoga hike, or just test your yoga skills by yourself and maybe a couple of friends.

6. Running


Why not trying to turn the hike into a trail running experience? If you feel ready for it, strap on your running gear, and take your physical energy to another level. Your body will appreciate the run as you will work on your footing, endurance, and fitness level.

Just be careful on the trails, there might be some rocks, roots, and sticks on your way that may trip you up.

7. More challenging route


If you have always taken easier routes, why not trying to take it up a notch? Find an organized hiking trip that will get you to more difficult trails and terrains. Take routes that are longer, tougher paths, maybe include some rock climbing, etc.

But before you sing up for a tougher hike, make sure you have the right equipment for the routes you choose.
Now get out there and make your next trip the best one ever, challenge your mind and body, and embrace every moment you are in the magnificent natural world around us.


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We live in a beautiful world, get out there and enjoy it.

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