The best skiing tips for beginners

Stef Zisovska

If you always wanted to start skiing but were afraid or thought it’s too hard for you, wait until you read this article on the best tips for skiing beginners. The thing with skiing is that you need to like snow, speed, and having fun. Skiing is not only meant for those who enjoy winter. To be good at it, it’s enough that you like to fly down the slopes and discovering new terrain. Here you can read more about how to prepare yourself for your first skiing season.


Make sure you have the right clothes and gear, it makes a huge difference.
Make sure you have the right clothes and gear, it makes a huge difference.

The most important thing before going to the mountain is to have the right clothes. Don’t improvise and don’t cut corners when it comes to good-quality clothing because you will need it. Nothing can ruin a ski lesson like being cold, wet or wearing uncomfortable clothes. Therefore, pay attention to what clothes you need to buy. Warm and waterproof trousers and jacket are key.

As for what you want underneath the top shell, you will need to wear layers of comfortable clothes that are not itchy. If you get too warm, you can always take off some layers. Consider buying skiing socks and gloves. Don’t forget the skiing sunglasses, as well as a protective helmet (depending on where are you trying skiing the first time).


If you’ve never been skiing before, then you better not buy any equipment before you know if you like the sport. At whichever ski center you decide to take your first lessons, you’ll be able to rent skis, poles, and boots. Taking into account your weight, height, and ability, the professional trainers will know what kind of skis you need. These factors are crucial in choosing the right equipment and when setting the release mechanism that allows your foot to come out of the ski if you fall.

Tips for beginners

Get an instructor

Get help if you need it
Get help if you need it

Skiing is not the type of sport that you can learn by yourself without any help from someone who knows how to do it themselves. Asking your friends or family members to teach you is not necessarily a great option either, unless one of them is a professional ski instructor. The difference in learning skiing with a professional or with a friend can result in a complete success and you falling in love with the sport, or it can be a disaster and you will hate snow for the rest of your life.

Get fit

Snow sports require strong leg muscles. Try and get in some leg strengthening exercises, like running, before taking the first ski lesson. Be prepared to fall a lot and to have the strength to get up quickly. Your leg muscles need to be up to the challenge, and you need to be fit. Flexibility exercises will also help you a lot if you feel like your body is a bit stiff.

Watch videos

Watching videos or watching what other people do on the slope will help you understand movements that you’re not familiar with. Remember that there is nothing impossible about skiing, you just need to be persistent. Follow your instructor and do your best!


Regular practicing is the best way to learn to ski
Regular practicing is the best way to learn to ski

Watching how other people do it is cool, but you need to put on some skis yourself and practice a lot. Go skiing as often as you can and try different slopes. As soon as you get comfortable, try going alone, without an instructor. If things are not progressing fast enough for you, don’t get annoyed, but practice more. Some of us learn faster than others. Being a slow-learner doesn’t mean you should quit. Put on the skis and find a good instructor. Good luck!

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