Best USA kitesurfing spots that you will love

Stef Zisovska

Kitesurfing is an extremely challenging and fun outdoor water activity that many people love. Across the US there are many places where you can try kitesurfing and maybe even work towards becoming a professional one day. Kitesurfing is not easy at all although it looks like you’re just flying with the wind. It requires a lot of strength and skill. Working with a trainer a few days before you do your first kitesurf is probably a good idea for those with no experience at all. These are the best kitesurfing places in the US that every adventurer should visit to get their adrenaline hit.

South Padre Island, Texas

A kite
A kite

South Padre is a sandy barrier island at the southern tip of the state of Texas, bordering the Gulf of Mexico. It’s a popular destination for kitesurfers during the spring months between February and May. The island gets winds during the whole year, but these are its busiest months. This is a perfect place to learn or to improve your skills. On the Gulf side, small waves and cross-onshore winds are most common. On the other side, the shallow slicks blow offshore and are glassy flat.

Long Island, New York

Only a few hours from New York City (if the traffic allows it!), you can do all sorts of things on Long Island. The land activities are countless, as well as the water ones. Long Island has some of the best flat-water riding spots in the country, but you need to check before you launch yourself into the water. Many of these areas are protected. When the tropical south swell is running during the fall, conditions can be rough and only suitable for professionals. If you are a beginner kitesurfer, only go to Long Island during the summer. After kitesurfing on Long Island, you can spend a weekend in New York City and enjoy the urban life.

Sherman Island, California


Without any doubt, Sherman Island is the best kitesurfing spot on the west coast. Located a few hours inland from San Francisco, Sherman is a very popular summertime spot. The delta blows are strong throughout the summer months when you can find local groups kitesurfing during the day and beach camping at night. Sherman is a unique spot that is not for everybody, and it’s better if it stays that way because it’s one of the best kitesurfing places in the US.

Hood River Gorge, Oregon

This is a famous summer spot that was made popular by the windsurfing community. If what you’re looking for is a remote location with plenty of camping and leisure opportunities than this is the best spot for you. Strong winds, currents, and rolling surf is what you can find here, so if you are a beginner, don’t choose Hood River Gorge as your first kitesurfing destination, but rather remember it for later on.

Pleasure Bay, Boston, Massachusetts

Kitesurfing – Author: Ввласенко – CC BY-SA 3.0
Kitesurfing – Author: Ввласенко – CC BY-SA 3.0

If you are more of a city kitesurfer then Pleasure Bay is the perfect spot for you. It’s the best kiting destination in the whole Boston area. You need to use a wetsuit June through August. It’s a large bay with flat to lightly choppy water and wind. This destination is nice because there are not too many kiters on the beach.

If kitesurfing is something that you have always wanted to try, then choose a place that suits you and do it this year. Always be careful and never go alone. If possible, find a friend that’s an expert in kitesurfing who can teach you everything you need to know about it. Be brave and enjoy the ride. Good luck!

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