Why camping is good for your kids

Yes, going on a camping trip sounds like, and it is, the best way to spend a few free days in nature. Being among trees, breathing fresh air, and listening to the calming sound of birds refreshes your body and soul. And everyone needs to regenerate some energy once in a while.

But, if you think that going camping is always a calm and joyful experience, think again. Try taking kids the next time you go on a camping trip. I promise, you won’t regenerate any energy, and you even might return home more stressed than before.



Now and then I take my nephews to a camping ground for few days. In the beginning, the trips were horrible. The constant whining, crying, and unstoppable running around were a nightmare. I didn’t blame them, they were used to being in the city and playing computer games, rather than being in nature and overcome obstacles.


But, after few trips, they managed to calm down, started to behave better and become more respectful, they even learned to appreciate the laws of nature. I found that these trips made them more resourceful, more passionate, inspired and confident people.



Although it can be stressful and annoying at the beginning, it’s all worth it in the end. Your kids will benefit a lot from spending few days immersed in nature, and here are some of the things they will learn.

1. Less is more


In the wild, children manage to learn that with few items they can accomplish a lot more. Not being able to open the fridge and eat whatever the want, but eating what’s on the menu for each meal. If their clothes get wet or dirty, they don’t have many options for changing them, so they have to be careful when playing around. And, they learn how to entertain themselves without computers and game consoles, but with resources provided by nature.

2. Be more active


Nowadays kids are generally much more passive than they used to be, they spend a lot of time at home, on their phones, tablets, and computers. Even when they go in parks, they still prefer playing on their phone, rather than running around and playing with their friends.
But, being surrounded only by trees, water, rocks and the big blue sky will help them find ways to play. When there is no technology, your kids will walk more, run around, climb trees, and spend a lot of energy on having fun.

3. Good sleep


Being active and using a lot of energy during the day means that you will have the best sleep at the end of it. It’s the same with your kids. Of course, your children don’t go to bed at a reasonable time when they are at home. They spend the whole day at school, with books, or at home in front of the computer, sitting, and not expending energy. But let them run around, swim, and climb, they will cherish every sleeping hour during the night.


4. Enjoy the silence


Back home there is rarely a time of peaceful silence. All the time you hear some noise, a phone buzzing, music playing, or the neighbors yelling. But when you’re in nature, you understand the true meaning of a quiet and peaceful time. Surrounded by the trees and the soft breeze, your kids will experience another dimension in their life. Just laying in the grass and only hearing the sound of their breathing is what will relax and calm them down.

5. Animals in natural habitats


Most of the kids these days are used to seeing wild animals in books, computers, or in the Zoo. Yes, they teach them in school about different types of animals, where they live, and how they behave.
But it’s not the same seeing an animal in a book or captivity, as seeing it in real life in the wild.

And spending some time in the natural home of the animals will give your kids an opportunity to find out more about them. They will learn how to respect their habitat, and that we share this world with them.

Just a few days ago, while we were walking in the forest, my nephew and I saw a young deer. It just passed through the trees, not far from us. My nephew was amazed, and he spent the next few hours after asking me questions about it. Yes, it got a little boring answering questions for hours, but I was so happy that he was eager to learn more.



So, don’t ever hesitate to take your kids on a camping trip. Yes, it requires some patience, but it’s all worth it. Your kids will benefit a lot from spending a few days in nature, and you’ll feel proud of them in the end, after you’ve all had a great time.


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