Common mistakes to avoid on a camping trip

Many people decide to go camping because they want to escape from modern technology and the stresses of daily life.

People enjoy going camping because it can be so incredibly relaxing – they get away from cars or other modern amenities and luxuries that they have become accustomed to. Also, it can be fun just to be alone with nature.



For those who are looking to go camping and want to have an amazing trip while they’re out, here are some tips they should keep in mind to an opportunity to learn from the mistakes that other people have made.

Tent size


One thing that people tend to do is pick the wrong tent size. This is something that you may not think very carefully about, but it’s crucial. You also need to be aware that tents aren’t always as advertised. Many times, packaging for a tent will be a bit misleading as it will claim that more people can fit in the tent than it can actually accommodate, well, unless you’re 12″ wide and only weigh 50 pounds.

When reading how many people can fit it’s worth presuming that it is the amount of people that can fit in the tent if there’s an emergency and you need to squeeze in.

To be truly comfortable when going camping, always look for a bigger tent than you think you’ll need; that way it will have plenty of room for all of you plus all the supplies that you take along.

Test the equipment

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Another mistake that people sometimes make before they go camping is not to test all of the equipment. This is crucial because many times the various bits of kit can be broken, incomplete or badly designed and you are going to want to know this before heading out into the wilderness. That way you can fix the issue before it becomes a problem.

Campsite arrival


It’s a good idea to make sure you don’t get to the campsite too late in the day. When it’s dark, it can be pretty hard to put up the tent properly, especially if it’s your first time. Make sure you arrive early so that you can see everything that you need to see around the campsite.


This not only helps with erecting the tent but also to make sure the chosen pitch is safe. Setting up all of the essential things is so much easier in the daylight.

Food supply


Many people think that if they build a campfire that will be the only thing that is necessary for cooking the food brought on the trip. The problem with this is that many people will end up getting fed up of the type of food you can cook over a campfire.

You should also bring food with you that does not need to be cooked over the fire. It doesn’t always have to be steak and smores.



When cooking at camp, make sure you do not cook inside of the tent because there is unlikely to be enough ventilation. This is very dangerous, as is setting your tent on fire, it’s best avoided.



Some people pack too light for their camping trip, and they risk not being comfortable. Make sure that the sleeping bag you take will keep you warm enough once it gets cold at night, a sleeping mat will make a lot of difference to your sleeping comfort.

This is extremely important, not only for comfort but in order to keep you healthy and not have you falling ill and ruining the rest of the camping trip.



If you are going to camp out make sure you take proper lighting with you, it can be crucial in the wild where there is no electricity.

If you want to stay up after the sun sets, you’ll need good lighting in the tent. Additionally, it is imperative to bring a flashlight in case you need to go to the bathroom, or you need to travel at night.

Board games


It’s a good idea to take games on the trip, firstly because games are fun, but also in case you and your friends get bored. If you get stuck inside the tent during some bad weather you’ll be grateful you have some entertainment with you.



Camping is a fantastic pastime, but often people make mistakes when preparing for their trip. Fortunately, you can learn from the mistakes others have made and use these tips to help you have a fantastic trip.


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