Coolest survival hacks


If you are a person that likes to spend time in the wilderness, then you know that being prepared for an emergency situation is something you must learn.

Being creative while lost in the wild is a very good way to challenge yourself and to see how far can you go. In a desperate situation, people come up with absurd ideas and solutions for problems that under normal circumstances never happen.

Just keep your mind open and prepare yourself.


Here’s a list of some cool survival hacks that will help you in an emergency.


Into the Wild Photo Credit
Into the Wild Photo Credit

Soda or beer cans make perfect candle holders

Cut the can on one side a fold out the flaps. Place a candle inside and enjoy the extra brightness that the aluminum reflects. This candle holder can be used when windy as well, tie some string to the pull/tab and it will be easy to hang.


Cans Photo Credit
Cans Photo Credit

Egg carton is very practical charcoal container

You can keep charcoal in an egg carton and when ready to have your scrambled eggs breakfast, just set light to the carton, this will get the charcoal lit. You can always put some extra BBQ lighting fuel in there as well if need be.


Egg carton
Egg carton

Mosquitos hate hot sauce

If the nasty mosquitos start to eat you alive, you should put some Tabasco sauce on your body and they will never come back. They hate the smell and can’t stand spicy food. It might be extreme but could be worth a try!


Tabasco Photo Credit
Tabasco Photo Credit

Fight bugs with basil and rosemary 

Basil and rosemary are perfect bug repellents. Before cooking put some basil or rosemary on the coal to keep the bugs away from you and your food.

Rosemary Photo Credit
Rosemary Photo Credit

Solar microwave

Use a cereal box to make a solar microwave. Cut one side, cover the flap with aluminum foil, line the box with aluminum foil so it reflects the sun into the box.

You can have your cheese sandwich nice and warm with the help of the suns energy. It works well on sunny days and it’s a lot healthier than the usual microwave.

The best GPS ever

Take a sewing needle and wipe it on your clothes a few times. Then put the needle on a leaf and rest the leaf in some water where there’s enough room for the leaf to rotate. The needle will point north and you can find your way to safety.

Never wear blue while in the wilderness

Mosquitos love blue for some reason, so while camping avoid clothes in this color. They also like humidity, so keep your clothes as dry as possible.

Use soda bottles as food containers

Keep your beans, rice and other edibles in plastic bottles. Bags might rip and a box may break, or get wet and fall apart, but plastic bottles last forever, so use them to store your food.

Wear light colors to prevent sunburn

If you want to protect yourself from the sun, wear white. White will reflect a lot more of the suns rays than a dark colour, keeping you cooler and more protected.


Clean water Photo Credit
Clean water Photo Credit

Cloth as a water purifier

Use a cloth as a filter by pouring water through it, if you layer the cloth you will filter more bits from it and the tighter the weave, the better (unless it’s not letting any water through!), remember though, you will still need to boil the filtered water to get it pure enough to consume.

These are some fun and useful tips that will help you in an emergency.

If you are a creative traveler, maybe you’ll invent new tricks that will save your life. When desperate, people do brilliant things that change their way of traveling and exploring.


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