How to prepare for the Amazon Rainforest adventure

Swinging  in the rainforest
Swinging in the rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest is the biggest rainforest in the world, and though it’s quite smaller than a couple of decades ago, it’s still considered to be the lungs of planet Earth. Packing for an Amazon adventure is quite a challenging task. The Amazon Rainforest is beautiful and it doesn’t seem that complicated when we watch documentaries about it.

The reality is a little bit different. You would need more items to pack than you think if you want to have everything under control and don’t let anything spoil your long-time wanted adventure.

Essential items you should pack for your Amazon adventure

Be very careful of what you pack for a trip to the Amazon Rainforest 
Be very careful of what you pack for a trip to the Amazon Rainforest 

Every travel starts with a packing process that not all of us are too happy about. When people go to some place for the first time, then it’s even harder to decide what to pack, and what’s actually needed. If you’re used to going to the beach all the time and pack light clothing and flip-flops, then you probably already know that that’s not the set of items you need for the Amazon rainforest.

First things first – a backpack. If you’re not a backpack fan because of your back problems, then bring an easily managed suitcase. A daypack can also be useful to carry things like water and snacks. Make sure you have hiking boots that are comfortable for walking and are made of waterproof material. Personal medications, a waterproof camera, and layer clothing that will cover your entire body.

What kind of clothes to pack?


Colombia: Amazon Jungle Tour – Day 1 – Author: Eli Duke – CC BY-SA 2.0
Colombia: Amazon Jungle Tour – Day 1 – Author: Eli Duke – CC BY-SA 2.0

Think about buying a light, waterproof rain jacket that will save you from the sudden downpours and keep you warm at night. Fleece or wool sweater, two pairs of shorts, two pairs of pants – one that can be worn for hiking in the Amazon and a nicer pair for a special occasion, one long sleeve shirt or blouse, short sleeve shirts, a long sleeve cotton shirt, cotton socks, and underwear are the clothes you want to have in your backpack when traveling in a tropical area. The long-sleeve cotton shirt is perfect for when you go hiking in the rainforest because it will protect your skin from mosquitos, scratches, and it will absorb your sweat.

Additional useful items that you might need


For the ones who always miss something when traveling, there are a bunch of other useful items that should be a part of your packing list. For example, if you wear eyeglasses it’s always good to have an extra pair in case you lose or break them or even better bring contact lenses for when you go hiking in the Amazon. Antibacterial soap and a hand gell, a sunblock, insect repellent, a cream that calms insect bites, toothbrush and a toothpaste are some of the must-haves. Also, bring a pair of sunglasses, a flashlight or a headlamp, a hat, zip lock bags, and a notebook to write down all the important moments from your adventure.

What to pack in your First Aid kit?


Pepto-Bismol for mild diarrhea, throat lozenges, motion sickness medication, Aspirin or other painkiller, antibiotics for travelers diarrhea, band-aid, bandage, moleskin for blisters.

Before you go

Make sure you get all the vaccines before you visit the magnificent world of the Amazon. The necessary vaccines are Yellow Fever and Malaria. Some people choose not to take vaccines, but most of us are not immune to anything that exists in the rainforest, so it’s better to be safe than dead. The Amazon rainforest is a magical place where you’ll get to see a countless number of animal and plant species that you have never heard of. Enjoy your adventure, take care, and good luck!

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