Land sailing – what can be more fun than this

Stef Zisovska
Land sailing
Land sailing

Land sailing is an outstandingly fun outdoor activity that steals hearts all over the world. If you try it once, you will no doubt want to buy a sailing buggy for yourself and move to some golden sand beach forever. Real sailors also like it, though it has nothing to do with deep water and big boats.

Still, land sailing is a perfect sport for all generations and people who know how to enjoy life. If your dream was to be a sailor, but you never managed to do it, the Outdoor Revival team is here to help you get closer to your vision with a new toy. You will love it!

A fun way to travel
A fun way to travel

Land sailing is also known as land or sand yachting. The earliest records of sail powered vehicles come from China in the 4th century. They were also used in 19th century America for transport across the great plains. Nowadays, land yachts are famous for races and also to enjoy a sunny day at some long, firm sandy beach. These sailing vehicles usually have three wheels and function a lot like sailboats. One major difference is they need to be operated from a sitting or lying position. They also have pedals or hand levers for steering.

The best place to do it is a flat area with lots of wind. A beach, airfield, dry lake or desert are all perfect for gliding with your buggy. Land sailors can go three to four times faster than the wind speed which makes this a very exciting grown-up toy. The ride itself is fun and safe, so even an inexperienced pilot can do it.

In the US, annual competitions are held by local clubs and by the North American Landsailing Association. The largest regatta is held annually on the California-Nevada border, near Primm.

A small land yacht for an exciting day on the beach
A small land yacht for an exciting day on the beach

Land sailing is a most exhilarating activity. Developing a high speed on some empty beach is a great adrenaline sport for all of you who need some extra thrill in your life. If you want to have a beach vacation, but not a boring one, then this sailing buggy is what you need. It’s a smart investment and guaranteed fun for the whole family.

Nowadays, you can purchase one at an affordable price. Maybe real sailing is not for you, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do it differently. Choose a place where you want it shipped and get ready for an unforgettable land sailing season. Good luck, pilot!

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