Romantic camping – Our guide to success

Although camping is historically a grubby activity, it can be quite the romantic adventure if you do it correctly.

Check out our short Outdoor Revival guide to having the perfect romantic weekend away from home!

Sleeping Gear

If it’s in your budget, purchase a double sleeping bag so you and your partner can be close while you sleep! If it’s not in your budget, try to find sleeping bags that zip together to create the same effect.


In addition, bring comfort items such as extra pillows, a hammock, and fuzzy blankets to set the mood.

Creating the Romantic Ambiance

LED tent lights scream romance and are much easier to deal with than headlamps
LED tent lights scream romance and are much easier to deal with than headlamps

Invest in some LED string lights! These are ten times better than having to wear your headlamp and accidentally blinding your partner every five seconds. Likewise, they inadvertently add romance to any sleeping situation because of their elegant feel.

Bringing music on a camping trip is always a great way to set the mood. Portable speakers with a Bluetooth hookup are a great option.

However, if you plan to play music be sure to be courteous of other campers. No one likes the group that blasts music all night when others are trying to sleep!


Bust out all the stops on your meals. If you are car camping, you can bring a cooler to maximize your options. Likewise, you can also bring cooking pans to make things like pancakes or french toast.

For dinner, get creative and don’t settle for just add water mash potatoes. You don’t have to go full gourmet to be romantic though! Simply cooking your partner’s favorite meal will be meaningful and set the mood.

You can’t forget about dessert! Personally, I like to make dessert prior to leaving on trips and pack them up. However, smores, sweet crepes, and cinnamon rolls are all great options for a romantic dessert while camping.


Romantic camping and fun drinks go hand-in-hand in my book! Enjoying a glass of champagne or wine with dinner by the campfire is a full-proof way to take your trip to the next level.

If you decide to go with a glass option, be sure to be extra careful with the glass and properly dispose of it after your trip. Plastic reusable cups are also a great alternative for camping friendly wine/champagne glasses.

Where To Go

You may need to hike further than you planned on to get alone time, but in the end, it is worth it
You may need to hike further than you planned on to get alone time, but in the end, it is worth it

If you are backpacking, try to find more intimate locations for you and your partner to stay. From personal experience, I can say that the more people you see the less romantic the weekend gets.

However, the further you hike the harder it is to pack in all your extra romantic gear and food.

If you are car camping, try to choose a campground that isn’t very open. You can usually check out campground photos online and read reviews of specific sites. If you can’t find any information online, try calling the campground and asking for a recommendation of sites that are more secluded.

Element of Surprise

All successful romantic camping trips have one thing in common: the element of surprise! Whether you make your partners favorite dessert and surprise them with it, or you go skinny dipping a lake, surprises keep the weekend interesting.

Spontaneity is usually the way I go, but think about something your partner would love and make it happen!


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