Scariest Zip Lines in the world – Hook yourself on and fly

Whipping down a Zip line is one of the most adventurous and thrilling experiences you can have. Whether you are on vacation or you are just looking for a weekend excursion, zip lining can be pretty fun. But not all zip lines are basic. There are some amazing zip lines out in the world that you will have to try if you want the ultimate thrill.

Mega Zips at Mega Cavern: Louisville, Kentucky


This awesome zip line was built in a former limestone pit and stretches more than 100 acres under the city. It is actually the only underground zip line in the entire world, meaning you will not find another zip line like it anywhere else. The limestone mines were dug in the 1930s, but only operated for 41 years, leaving 17 miles of an underground corridor. You can go on a guided tour as well as going on six different zip lines. Among them is an excellent racing zip line.

Miss Sky Canopy Tour: Nosara, Costa Rica


In the lush Central American country of Costa Rica, zip lines have become a popular activity. Home to the longest zip line canopy in the world, the Miss Sky Canopy Tour is 7 miles long and has an impressive 21 zip line runs. This zip line is about twice as long as the next longest line.

It will take your through forests, waterfalls, and mountain ridges, letting you take in Costa Rica in a way that you never could have dreamed.

Icy Straight Point ZipRider: Hoonah, Alaska


Taking it up a notch from Costa Rica, the Icy Straight is another one of the longest zip line in the world, with 6 separate lines which are each about a mile long. With a 1,300-foot vertical drop at a whopping 60 miles per hour, you may feel your heart in your throat on the way down this impressive zip line.

Zip2000: Sun City, South Africa


If 60 miles per hour does not sound fast enough, check out the Zip2000 in South Africa. Reaching speeds of 115 miles per hour, this is the fastest zip line in the world.

Instead of the standard harness, you will be placed on your stomach with a rudder between your legs to ensure you stay straight. Heading at over 100 miles per hour over a 1.2 mile line, means the thrill is short, but absolutely memorable.

Haleakala Skyline Tour: Maui, Hawaii


Situated over the summit of the Haleakala Crater, this zip line will put you at an altitude of 3,300 feet. You will get to soar above waterfalls because you feel like you are actually flying down the volcanic crater.

They even have a terrifying pendulum line, which will put you at 40 miles per hour, as well as a swinging bridge that you can attempt to cross before heading down the valley.

Dragon’s Breath Flight Line: Labadee, Haiti


Boasting the title of the longest zip line in the world above water, this Haitian thrill will shoot you at speeds of 50 miles per hour over more than two thousand waves, beaches, and amazing picturesque views. You will not be able to take in all of Haiti in any other way while surfing above the water.

Zip lines are an excellent thrill that can really add to the adventure of any vacation or weekend adventure. They let you get outside, with one exception, and get your heart rate up for a thrilling time. No matter where you are in the worth, there are zip lines waiting for you to try them.


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