Solunar or moon phase fishing

Stef Zisovska
Moon phases fishing
Moon phases fishing

The new fishing season is at your door, and it’s time to get ready and get out there. No matter if you want to go fishing on the lake Michigan or the Pacific coast, good tackle is what you always need.



Every fisherman’s dream is a big catch. Coming home satisfied from the fishing adventure with more fish than you expected. Many people think that the successful fishermen are only lucky or have better equipment. Planning the fishing trip is an important thing.


The best time to fish is not the time when you feel like going. There are rules that nature sets and you need to follow if you want to make it a great trip.


Trying different lures, baits, and techniques is important but not the key. You can spend a fortune on fishing tackle and still not be getting the results you want.


Maybe a lot of you are skeptical and do not believe in moon phase fishing, but trust me you need to try it.

The Solunar theory is a theory that says that the fish and animals are moving according to the cycles of the moon. Like many things in nature depend on the moon and the sun, it’s very logical that the movement of the fish is also a part of the natural process.


Solunar ( Sol for the Sun and Luna for the Moon) theory was laid out 1926 by John Alden Knight. He formed the theory of using the patterns of animal movement. Moon phase fishing and hunting were used by many people from ancient civilizations.

The best fishing time is when the fish are hungry. Fish are usually eating during dawn or dusk, but what nobody notices are two other phases during the day, the moonrise and the moonset. The moon has an effect of the live food that the fishes are hunting, that’s why it affects their movement.


By choosing times when sunrise/sunset and moonrise/moonset coincide with the new or full moon phases, your chances for a good catch are bigger.

Knowing this makes it easier to plan your fishing trip. What you need to know are the times of the rise and set of the sun and the moon. The fish are most active 45 minutes before and after these four daily points.


Fishing during these four periods will increase your catch, particularly during new or full moon. The moon has a stronger influence and those periods are the best for fishing.

Fish bite more during seasonal transitions, winter-spring, and summer-autumn. The best fishing days in the following period are April 26-May 10 and May 25-June 9.


There are also other factors to be considered when fishing by the moon phase. The weather is also very crucial. After a storm, you can have a good catch, in cold weather, the fishes go deeper and stay inactive.

Now that you know about moon phase fishing there is no reason not to try it. Enjoy your next fishing trip!


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