The amazing survival story of a Czech woman who’s her partner fell off a cliff & died during a hiking trip

Doug Williams

A Czech woman has been found alive in a remote mountain cabin in New Zealand, she told the police that she had survived in the wilderness alone after her partner fell off a cliff and died during a hiking trip.

The woman was found on the Routeburn track; which spirals through the majestic mountains of Fiordland national park in the South Island region. According to the police reports the couples started their journey on the tracks on July 26th, and the man had slipped off a rock and plunged to his death two days later on July 28th.

The woman initially panicked and then climbed down the steep mountain to check on her partner who had long died due to the sheer impact of the fall.

According to the survivor woman, she mustered some courage after her loss and decided to carry on her track in order to get out of the wilderness and inform her family of the accident. However, she found herself lost in the wilderness and had to take refuge in a locked cabin almost half way through the track which is about 32km long.

The police have only received the information a week prior from the Czech consulate who were instructed by the family of the couple that they hadn’t heard from the pair since July. Considering the heavy snowfall and nature of the wilderness, officers were surprised to find her alive and in considerably good health.

The Otago Lakes central police commander Inspector Olaf Jensen said that he was amazed to learn the survival story of the Czech woman; as it is a very rare event since it is highly unusual for someone to be missing for such a long time and then to be found alive and in good shape.

The police reported that the pair had arrived in the New Zealand in January and were very well equipped for the journey with a little bit of the experience of the New Zealand’s woods. However, the couple in their later 20’s and early 30’s became disoriented and veered off the designated track.

The track is considered a fairly popular tourists’ attraction as enthusiasts trek up and down the track pretty much all year around. However, during the cold winter and heavy snowfalls the track receives very few travelers and even less attention from the authorities. The authorities admit that due to the heavy snowfall possibility of the tourists or even expert hikers daring to cross the track that takes at least four days in the normal conditions, becomes very futile hence the decrease in the services and management, The Guardian reported.

Despite the weather warnings, the couple reportedly decided to make the trip and got off track and the man slipped and died. The woman stayed near her partner’s body for the next three days hoping for any travelers to come and rescue them.

After three days the cold became too much for her, and she had to start walking and could only walk a couple of kilometers when she spotted the abandoned cabin; where she took refuge for the next whole month. Badly injured she was unable to make any move for the next few weeks especially amidst one of the heaviest snowfalls of the year. The story of her survival has shocked the local authorities and expert hikers alike who agree on the fact that surviving whole month in such hostile conditions is no less than a miracle.


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