Things to remember when you’re learning rock climbing

Stef Zisovska

Rock climbing can seem pretty complicated and hard at first. If you’ve always wanted to try climbing, but you’re afraid or think you’d never have what it takes, here you can read a few useful tips for climbing beginners that will help you on your journey to getting on top of any rock. Just follow these rules and learn the basics you need to know before you go conquering the first boulder.

Use your feet

Use your feet when climbing
Use your feet when climbing

The biggest mistake that every climbing beginner makes is that they get focused on placing their arms right and reaching the first handhold in front. It’s true that the upper arm muscles are playing the main role, but it’s also important to use all parts of your body to keep moving upwards. It may sound obvious, but placing your feet on the right holds is as important as your hand placement. Where you place your feet can make the difference between reaching that next hold and falling off, so focus on your feet as well.

Never give up

The key thing about becoming a successful rock climber is to try over and over again. Never give up even after many failures. Not every climbing route is an easy one, but this shouldn’t stop you from trying. As soon as you accomplish the first task, you’ll be back for more. Rock climbing is a challenging sport and it’s also quite addictive, and after you’ve completed your first challenge you will understand what we’re talking about.

Learning new moves, practicing as many times per week as you can, will take you to the top. Finishing a route that you’ve been working on for a while is a great feeling, and it will boost your self-confidence without you even noticing.

Learn from the best rock climbers and follow their advice

Learn from others
Learn from others

Rock climbing is possible for anyone who can learn a few simple techniques and has some basic climbing gear. The problem is when the people who are teaching you are not as good as you think. Sometimes your best friends are not necessarily the best climbers, so before asking them for help, go to the local indoor climbing gym and meet some real instructors whose job is to introduce their skills to newbies. In the end what’s most important is that you learn the basics from those who really know what they’re doing and not from amateurs.

Invest in good climbing gear, especially shoes

Good gear for beginner climbers means safety. Of course, all of us count dimes sometimes, but when it comes to rock climbing, you need to spend a few extra bucks. That doesn’t mean you need to sell your car to buy the best gear ever, but inform yourself first before you order a cheap eBay rope. Pay special attention to the shoes because you don’t want them to fall apart while you’re climbing. A lot of climbing gyms rent shoes, but it’s better that you buy your own that fit perfectly. Then you can also use them for climbing real rock in the outdoors whenever you are ready for it.

Take your time

Take your time when climbing
Take your time when climbing

Don’t rush, but take your time to study the climbing route first. Check out the rock face before you get started and read the route, spot where the tough moves will be and think about how to tackle them before you get there. Most outdoor climbing routes have maps which makes it easier for you to plan your climbing task.

Leave your ego at home and listen to the more experienced

Rock climbing failures can hurt your ego badly and make you feel like you’re not up to it. Learn to to go easy on yourself and don’t be stubborn. Listen to the advice of the people that know more than you do! Stay safe and good luck!

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