The Ultimate Mountain Bike Race

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Mountain bikes have been around since the 70’s and have become incredibly popular as a general use bike and also for all the many types of racing that have developed from the whole world over.

If you are into racing your Mountain bike then it’s worth considering entry into the The Mongolia Bike Challenge, it’s getting an reputation as the hardest mountain bike race on the planet and from what we can make out it’s deserving of the title.  The race started in 2010 and consists multiple long distance legs over 6 days with a check-in day first and a ‘Final Chronicle’ day last, making it an 8 day event covering over 100km of off road terrain on race days.

The Khentii Mountains in Terelj - Public Domain
The Khentii Mountains in Terelj – Public Domain

If you are looking of the ultimate mountain bike challenge that will push you to your limits then this could be the event for you.  You will travel through remote mountain terrain with just wild horses for company.  There’s only 108 places for the 2017 race so get moving if you want a chance to compete.

If you think might be too much for you there’s always local mountain bike tracks and courses you can use, just make sure you go with friends and tell others where you’re going.

There’s no 2017 race description available yet but looking at the 2016 race schedule it was full on.  Here’s an excerpt from the Stage 4 Chronicle on the Mongolian Bike Challenge site:

Stage Chronicle:

Stage 4 Chronicle

130km with 1600m climbing faced the riders today as they set off on Stage 4 of the 2016 Mongolia Bike Challenge by Selle SMP. The first 30 kilometers saw a heavy fog covering the land as the riders made their way from the beautiful Edelweiss Camp out to the eventual finish line at the Steppe Nomad camp.

There was no real action until the first KOM point at KM31, at the top of a long shallow drag which coincided with the lifting of the mist. Payton McElveen won the sprint for the 30 second bonus over Cory Wallace with Japan;s Yuki Ikeda coming in third.

If you miss your opportunity to race in Mongolia there’s a number of multi stage races that go on in other countries such as;

Iron Bike – Italy

Trans Pyrenees – Spain

Yak Attack – Himalayas

Crocodile Trophy – Australia

Cape Epic – South Africa

Trans Portugal – Portugal

La Ruta – Costa Rica

Trans Rockies – Canada

Trans Alp – Germany

BC Bike Race – Canada




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