Urban HUSKY – Pocket knife

One of the tag-lines of this Kickstarter campaign is a “Century old design, updated for the modern adventurer”.  They seem to have hit the proverbial nail on the head with this, as the knife itself is a straight forward with a sheepsfoot type blade made from decent high carbon steel blade with a full flat grind, this is a hand made knife that should cut very well.

The Urban husky Is specifically designed to be a versatile modern pocket knife that can follow you everywhere. The minimalistic frame and well balanced blade length makes it a perfect knife to cover your everyday carry needs.

• A sophisticated look to fit the modern life

• Handmade with high-end materials

• Minimalistic design that’s legal to carry

That last bit is a big deal, if this is a knife that you’re going to be able to carry most of the time wherever you travel to then it needs to fulfil a wide variety of legal requirements or it’s not going to be easy to carry.



The Right Size

The most useful tool is the one you can carry with you at all times. Usefulness lies in proportion to its weight and size. To big a knife and it won’t fit your pocket, to small and it’s no longer useful. We chose a weight and size you’d be comfortable reaching for every day, without compromising performance.

A Straightforward, Functional Handle

Simple is not easy. We eliminated and developed innumerable ideas to arrive at an ergonomic handle that looks great and feels good in your hand as well as your pocket. The Urban HUSKY’s metal handle construction makes for a very durable yet light handle.

Versatile Blade

Many light weight knives have blades that are too small. We wanted the Urban HUSKY to be light weight and still have a genuinely useful blade.

A blade for multi-use needs a good balance in its geometry. We gave the Urban HUSKY a 3″ blade with a solid spine and thin enough edge to cut well, and a blade profile that makes it easy whether you’re whitling wood for fire, using it as a scalpel, opening a package or peeling an apple.


Urban Husky Knife – Kickstarter page

The Steel

One very important aspect of a good knife is the quality of the steel and how it´s heat treated. Living close to one of the world’s best steel producers: Uddeholm, we choose their super clean high carbon tool steel UHB20C to make the Urban HUSKY able to hold the keenest edge.


This is the same kind of steel that you would find in your grandfathers old knife, just a cleaner harder version (61 HRC). Every knife blade we make goes through a meticulous heat treatment and hardening process. We use a high temperature salt bath to heat the blades, one at a time. This gives a very even and precise quality to ensure you get the most out of your cutting.




jack-beckett is one of the authors writing for Outdoor Revival