Wild Horses of Hawaii

We have another video article from the amazing Daisy Crocket, this time she’s traveled from her home in Echo Bay to Hawaii where she loves to surf and soak up the rays.

It’s obvious that she loves to spend time in the Waipio Valley. In Hawaiian Waipio (Waipiʻo) means curved water and the valley used to be the capital where the Hawaiian Kings resided tight through to the 18th century.

I love when the Universe conspires to not only make my visions come true, but to boost up the imagination level and surpass all my expectations like it did in my search for the wild horses of Hawaii.


Waipio Valley captured my heart the first time I visited it. Every year since my friend Bear and I make time between surf sessions to spend the day in this Valley of the Kings.

I certainly wouldn’t be sharing some of my footage if this place was a secret to the people of Hawaii, who have always blessed me with their Aloha, but since it’s showcased all over the internet and in every guide-book, I feel Kamohoalii, the Shark God and his son Nanaue, who once lived in this sacred valley, will continue to grace me with safety in the waters of the Big Island.



Watch the video read our interview with the awesome Daisy Crocket HERE.

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Nikki van Schyndel – aka Daisy Crocket

Adventurer – Wilderness Guide – Expert Tracker & Primitive Survivalist
Tired of waiting for her plane to crash or a worldwide technical disaster to create a real-life survival emergency, Nikki paid someone to abandon her on a deserted island in the wilderness for nearly two years, testing her skills and learning the truths of survival. From dream home to lean-to, diamonds to bear claws, Nikki shares this incredible journey in her bestselling book Becoming Wild.


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