Author: Tijana Radeska

Tijana Radeska is one of the authors writing for Outdoor Revival

Sama-Bajau – The Nomads Of The Sea Who Measure The Passage Of Time By The Rhythm Of The Tides

Tijana Radeska

Most of us love playing in the sea, it’s amazing and incredible.  I’ve got friends that surf and other that swim and dive, but I…

Bürtkitshi – The noble Kazakh art of hunting with eagles

Tijana Radeska

Hunting with eagles is a traditional, noble art among the Kazakh and Kyrgyz people in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, and it is also practiced by the…

The World Nomad Games celebrate the nomadic heritage of the Central Asian nations

Tijana Radeska

The World Nomad Games had been held only twice by now. Once in 2014 and the second time in 2016. The next are expected in…

The Ghan – The Trans Australian train that goes from the north to south, through the heart of the continent

Tijana Radeska

It is not the Transiberian, but it is just as much exciting. The Ghan is a train that travels from Darwin in the north through…