10 Great Small Town Dates

Doug Williams

This year was my 20th anniversary and some would say that things would have to be boring by now, but not so! Everyone should go on regular dates, keep things fresh and alive, so it doesn’t matter if you’re new to dating, got a new date or been dating for a long time here’s a few things to do that will help your date be a great date for you both.

What does one do when looking for an imaginative date? The same old, same old of dinner and a movie will not bring stars to your partner’s eyes for very long so here are ten tips for something different.

If you live in a big city you may have more options available, but they can be expensive and very busy, it doesn’t matter if you live in the city or a small town, these ideas will work for anyone. Small towns offer a multitude of opportunities for romantic outings and can help to bridge those stilted conversations by having something fun to do.


Google should be your first port of call to find out what small towns are within a reasonable distance. You certainly don’t want to spend three or four hours in a car only to have a couple of hours on the ground and then another long trip home, so find places to visit close to home.

History Buff?


If you and your date are into history, then look for a small town with a museum or is renowned for quaint architecture. Most small communities are very proud of their heritage and often have a museum showing the town’s birth and life story.

These small museums are fascinating places and give a good insight to the life in rural areas.



You do not have to be a history addict to enjoy a museum. Rural areas have some of the most interesting and niche museums; displays that you will not see in any large town.

Some examples of these in the USA are the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson Wyoming with it stunning collection of art, the Shelburne Museum in Shelburne, Vermont that consists of collection of century-old buildings collected and relocated from within New England, the Mark Twain Boyhood Home & Museum in Hannibal, Missouri is self-explanatory and the Colonial Quarter in St. Augustine in Florida that is a living history exhibit.


Every country boasts interesting museums in small communities; you just need to winkle the information out of on-line search engines.

A special meal


Many country restaurants are becoming extremely well known for using local, seasonal produce to create culinary masterpieces. Look for reviews in the newspapers or on-line and select one within easy driving distance. Sunday lunch could not be better!

Take a cooking class


Again, turn to your old friend Google or phone a few country restaurants. Many well-known restaurants are diversifying by adding cooking classes to their repertoire.

A really fun way to spend the day is taking the class together and enjoying the meal that you have prepared, then the following week try creating it at home.

I’ve done this with my wife and it was a great day out, we learned stuff and ate good food, had a brilliant time.

Hiking or Mountain Bikes


Many small communities have leaped onto the tourism bandwagon and created both hiking trails and mountain biking trails. So if you are the adventurous type, pack a picnic lunch and take to the trail.

Take a horseback ride


For something different try a horseback ride. Even if you are a complete novice many out rides will accommodate you and allow you to plod along with someone to care for you while the others gallop off into the sunset.

Find the closest stables and arrange for a day ride with more than a few stops, an aching body is not very romantic so stop often if you are not a seasoned rider.


Photo Safari


Find a great location and invite your better half to a photographic safari. Again, pack a picnic lunch and take off to spend the day with your cameras.

As a follow-up date, you can compare images and use some photo manipulation software, put yourselves into the images that you captured. This is a fun way to create memories for you both.

Trawl the Junk Shops


If you are shopaholics or love the unusual, then take to the road for a few hours and stop at every little out of the way diner, junk shop and scrap yard that you see. Spend hours trawling through back roads junk shops and see who can find the most unusual or precious trinket.

Search out a country festival


Many country towns have at least one festival during the year. It is great fun to attend a potato or corn or dairy festival in a small town.

The people are friendly, the homemade goodies on sale are scrumptious, and you will meet a wonderful array of folks.


The Ubiquitous picnic


There is nothing wrong with choosing a warm day and packing a hamper and a blanket and heading off into the unknown.

If you can find a pretty river or pool that you can swim in so much the better. Lie back on the blanket and search for shapes in the clouds.

Add a little something more, by doing something different. Try taking along a favorite book and reading aloud to each other or if either one of you is musical, try writing a song together.

The Bonus one! Fly a Kite


Another fun activity is making and flying a kite – let your creativity run amok and build a masterpiece and then fly it together.

Splash out and include some lesser known but tasty treats.

Turn off your mobile and ask your partner to turn theirs off as well. Take the day to talk to each other, to laugh at a corny joke, talk to the local people, make new friends, and you will be amazed at the interests that you uncover along with loads of ideas for that second or third or hundredth date!


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