3 Absolutely Amazing Camping Locations For This Fall

Doug Williams

Backpacking is an amazing pastime to be involved in, not only as a means to see the great natural wonders of the world but also as a means to get great exercise while fully immersing yourself in the stunning world all around you.


Fall is one of the optimal times to participate in backpacking because let’s face it; summer can be restrictively hot and make it hard to not only hike and enjoy the outdoors but also carry a large backpack while doing so.

Just like summer can be too hot, often times winter can be too cold or icy and make it hard to get around while staying warm. Fall for many is the most beautiful time of year as well, with the mild weather and the leaves turning and falling.



Zion National Park is an absolutely stunning place to backpack. But it is also massive, and there is so much to see, so be sure that you do enough planning so that you know when and where you can backpack and just how long it will take. Take into account how rigorous it will be given your athletic ability, and also the capabilities of the people that you are backpacking with.


Yosemite National Park is yet another great place to go backpacking but an important thing that you must keep in mind before planning a trip there is to remember that you need to get a permit in order to access certain parts and see some of the most amazing sights.

The extra planning is well worth it as the sights are absolutely awsome, and it offers some of the most beautiful places in not only California but the world.


The White Mountains are yet another place for a person to go backpacking that can serve as an incredibly scenic workout this coming fall.

There are options for walking different distances so check what you’d like to do before you go and make sure your group is ok with the planned route.


There’s plenty to see and do so make sure that you and everyone else is equipped to enjoy it.

Backpacking is an absolutely incredible way to get into shape, but also stay in shape while also taking in some of the best views in the world, a true fusion of so many differing interests that it is hard to imagine why someone would not want to backpack.


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