3 Years of Travel in 3 Minutes – Lessons and Adventures (Watch)

Paul Pinkerton


Who wouldn’t want to be able to travel for three years?

We all need some inspiration at certain times in our lives so that we have something to look forward to, or feel that there’s something to aim for.

Being inspired like this can make a huge difference to how happy we are, our spirits can be lifted if there’s an adventure coming up or even if we know that in the future at some time it’s possible to have adventures and experiences outside of our normal day to day environment.


Our aim at Outdoor Revival is to help you have those inspirations and things to look forward to. I know that watching video’s like this make it more likely that I’m going to get out and do some things I’ve not done before, or travel to places that I might not have considered before. It’s all about dreams and knowing that you can achieve them.

In this video we see the guys traveling around the world, they capture the people they meet and the things they do as well as some amazing sights and scenery. Even though it’s three years, they seem to have done a huge amount of different things.

Some people will watch this and think you need a case full of dollars or rich parents, but that’s not true. What you need is a vision of what you want to do and a determination to go and do it, a willingness to earn money while you travel or work hard to save money so you can travel.

Have a watch of this video, get your mental dream machine stoked up and have some adventures…


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We live in a beautiful world, get out there and enjoy it.

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