5 Places in New York state to visit this spring

Usually, when people think of New York, they imagine busy and crowded streets, taxis honking and racing all around, there’s also the massive skyscrapers everywhere. It’s a busy city.

But New York State as a whole has much more to offer than just the city. It has beautiful wilderness and natural areas that are way more impressive than the concrete jungle. Raging rivers, spring peepers (aka chorus frogs) and Eastern white pine, are just a few of the natural wonders you should find.



This spring, if you find yourself in the noisy, crowded city, make sure that you get outside and spend some time in the beautiful countryside of New York State.


Here is a list of our top five destinations for outdoor junkies who prefer the trees over concrete.

1. Taconic State Park

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Resting on the borders between Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York State, this park offers beautiful wilderness and activities for everyone. The park is 16 miles long, and it’s located along the Taconic Mountain Range.

The park is full with breathtaking views, dense woods, waterfalls, and vast landscapes. For those who want to do some activities, there is plenty space for that. Hiking, running, cycling, swimming and boating are just some of the activities the parks offers.

If you want to spend few days there with your family, the park offers can accommodate you. There are 36 trailer sites, 45 tent sites, 25 tent platforms, and three cabin areas.

2. Wildwood State Park

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Who would have thought that you can go on spring break, on the beach in New York State? Well, you can. In Wildwood State Parks there are two miles of beautiful beaches and sea front. Located on the north side of Long Island, the park offers many opportunities for outdoor junkies. Try fishing, boating or paddling in the sea, or biking and hiking in the 600 acres of hardwood forest, or just relax and have a picnic.


On site there are plenty of trailer and tent areas, so it’s a perfect place to go with your family.

3. Schodack Island State Park

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If you want to take part in birding this season, then this park is the right one for you. Schodack Island offers a variety of activities, like biking, fishing, boating, hiking, hunting. However, the park is most famous for its Bird Conservation Area, and it is home to bald eagles, blue herons, cerulean warblers, and many other birds.

This park offers you over 1000 acres of beautiful land and also places for boat docking, and recently opened trailer and tent camping.

4. Fair Haven Beach State Park

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With plenty of beaches and beautiful landscapes, this park provides a great spring vacation. Located on the shores of Lake Ontario the park has one of the best lakeshore views there is. On the 1,500 feet of beaches, you can participate in plenty of water activities, like fishing, swimming, boating, paddling, etc. The park also offers trails for hiking, cycling, running, and even hunting.

The park is a perfect blend of water and woods, so you can enjoy a day spent on the sandy beaches or take a hike in the vast forests.

5. Four Mile Creek State Park

Located just 15 minutes north of the Niagara Falls, this park embraces the beautiful shores of Lake Ontario. After visiting the Falls, you can enjoy some leisure activities in the park, or take a hike on the many trails the park offers.

Staying in the park with you family is easy since it offers 275 campsites, and you can even book one of the newly constructed wooden yurts.


Hopefully, this shows that you only need an adventurous spirit and the will to explore the wonders of New York States beautiful landscapes. So, use the free time you have this spring to go and have a great time exploring the wilds.


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We live in a beautiful world, get out there and enjoy it.

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